Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 1, 2009

I think, in the interest of fairness, in the future if you ever have to have a 2 on 1 match there should only one tag in per round...The 2 wrestlers still have a distinct advantage, they can each rest half the match...Wrestling takes a hell of a lot out of you...The 2 ladies get 3 full minutes of basically free points with 6 tag ins, with 3 it would only be 1 1/2 free minutes...It was easily the difference in the match...As far as the wrestling went Dia was clearly the winner...

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 29, 2009

Jackie you are adorable and I for one am very happy you'll be coming back, whenever it is it won't be soon enough...Claire you are amazing at what you do, your intricate ties are fabulous...I particularily liked the shot of you sitting in the background admiring your handiwork with Jackie's butt cheeks and body shaking from those wonderful EMS pads...

Wired Pussy
Oct 27, 2009

Darling, you start season 7 with a renewed vigor you are, in my opinion, the best at the transition game even better than Ariel (a close 2nd)...You reminded me of a Bumble Bee discovering a fresh field of Nector the way you went from one move to the next...Excellent job, keep up the great work and you really seemed to enjoy yourself...Tara, don't give up you will have your day with some hard work, you could tell it was a little more than you expected...Both ladies looked great and it was a fabulous RD 4

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Oct 13, 2009

I enjoyed the match, I hope both ladies are OK after the 2 accidental shots each lady took...I don't want to tell anyone their business but in my opinion Holly deserves 2 matches now with 2 of the lowest ranked wrestlers at US because her fist 2 matches were against arguably the 2 best wrestlers on the site...The Dragon and then she gets Vendetta...I definately believe she will be a fine wrestler, she is strong...

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Oct 6, 2009

Great round 4 Isis

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Sep 4, 2009

Dia, I believe you were robbed...A couple times against Miss X, you maintained control after a roll and yet the (ingohoots ref) made you give up control...I think there really needs to be a grudge match with the loser appearing as boss on one of the other sights

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