Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 3, 2005

Not sure what to think of the transitions between scenes, but as a sample it worked out well. I'd like to see models working more towards their reward (orgasm) in future shots. Also, for the latex bed... you made it a habit to jump right from one scene into the next with no preparation, however I think it would have been wonderful to have jumped in to where she was just laying down before the vaccuum had started, but after she was positioned with the breathing tube and whatnot. This would have given us the chance to see her being slowly enveloped in her prison. The set itself is new, as far as I can tell and is very, very nice. It adds a new feeling to the scenes, but still has a gloomy sense to it. The lighting was done right to where (especially in the latex bed scene) the concentration was drawn to the right places. If you are just as creative with this pilot site as the other ones, I can imagine it being another niche to the Peter realm. Good job, I give it a 4 of 5.

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Mar 24, 2005

This was an enlightening session. It was a pleasure having him on this time. I had been used to the feel of the site and he did bring on a different feel for sure, which is why I am thinking a few other comments here will be out of the ordinary for that particular commentor (sorry, it's late). It felt as though it was more of a note-taking session, and I did pick up on a few things. Overall, nicely done. Winona, looking forard to seeing you again. Your moans and screams remind me more of an animal, perhaps we'll keep a collar and leash on you next time? -Reiter

Feb 26, 2005

Excellent ideas between the two, however I don't think the chemistry or the reactions between the two were quite right. I saw Dana looking back when Cassie was tied to the pillar, and Matt was vibrating Dana. I almost saw an "I'm sorry" come from Dana's lips, but she held back. I don't know if the competition would have been better or if they had been sympathetic towards each other for their own sake... kind of a will the good of the other type thing. Cassie didn't seem as reactive to the vibrator, or orgasms as a whole, albeit it did help. When the two were hogtied with the dildo-gag (my favorite scene in this piece), I would have thought to do a toe to nipple tie since Cassie seemed to have sensitive nipples. I don't know if the pre-contract said no excessive nipple play, but I would have laid her on her back and done so, leaving her front exposed for the vibrator. Excellent concept though, and the dungeon never goes out of style. Good job on this piece.