Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 9, 2009

MY MY MY. What a delicious morsel. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when you really go to work on her Lochai. Please bring her back and teach her the real meaning of bondage. She gets nothing until you give it. Take her to the edge and deny deny deny. And then just give her orgasm upon orgasm. But torture her with denial. From what I just saw, I think you might just make her pass out. She is loaded with potential...but plan well and take full advantage of her inexperience. Thanks man. I really enjoy your work and especially your asides to the members.

Oct 8, 2008

There needs to be a category beyond great. Perhaps Coronary Event Warning? I've never been so proud to be a Canadian. Ok maybe there are a few moments of national pride that exceed Dylan...but not many. Joking aside, Dylan you are spectacular. Both to look at and in your ability to absorb the suffering and your explosive release of pleasure. I think when you were tied down to the table and drenched it, my heart rate probably accelerated well past the danger zone. The suspension (is it called a basket?) was phenomenal imagery. I loved the way the Wand spread the lips of your cunt. Delicious to see. I had hoped for another gushing orgasm...but still heart-pounding fun. Next time you come back and please please come back soon, perhaps when in this suspension you could be impaled on a dildo and spun. That would certainly be a sight to see. Your exit interview was interesting. Intelligent, thoughtful and articulate. I wonder why this is so often the case with the ladies on this site. Matt, just had to say I love your repartee with the ladies. Especially the good guy/bad guy comment. Brought a smile to my face. I have to tell you. When on planes with I often play a game called Who would you want to share dinner and a bottle of wine with if you could spend an evening with any 5 people on the planet. Next time I play, I am going to suggest that "Matt from Hogtied" would be a great 5th...just to see what kind of reaction I get. And a meesage to new guy from another new guy to Hogtied. In spite of the less than flattering stuff I've read concerning your work, there is a tension (pun intended) you bring that is hard to explain but in kind've cool. I suspect that as you get more comfortable that you might add a bit more talking to the sub to complement the sly smile. I do think a slightly sterner look would help from time-to-time. Just a friendly bon mot. Thanks Hogtied people for a stunning update. Spell-Man.