Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 21, 2016

Dylan is my personal favorite model. Beautiful, intelligent, and witty.

Device Bondage
Jan 5, 2012

I joined just for this scene and wasn't disappointed. I LOVED the unrelenting violent and frenzied sex and how Princess Donna was brutally manhandled and beaten and used as a "fuck thing". Face slapping is a favorite too so this update was extra special. Princess Donna - thank you so much! It may be asking too much but I hope this scene sets a benchmark for future updates!

Bound Gang Bangs
Oct 25, 2011

Rain, Iona, and Cherry are great in this! The directing and editing is excellent! A moody and brooding sense of threat is acheived! Really looking forward to the next installment!

Feb 13, 2010

Stefanos is to be congratulated for his skill, drive, and enthusiasm in bring together this joyous, uninhibited, celebration of debauched sexuality. There is so much going on it is impossible to acknowledge all contributions. Recognition MUST be given however to Pink and Busdriver. They are gods standing alone on a pinnacle of their own making! Nimue is a treasured toy to be taken out and played with and broken time and time again. Mistress Winter is an excellent and beautiful Dom - I wish more attention had been given to her ministrations to her sub boy. Please give us more of Stefanos and his Kinky crew and don't forget to invite Mad Max :-)

The Upper Floor
May 23, 2009

I'll take all the Nina and Maitresse Madeline you can give - either together or separately!

Wired Pussy
May 23, 2009

Nina is so wonderful1 (I've been a big fan even before her Kink days) I love her lithe, beautiful body an and the fact that she is so sinfully submissive and really suffers so completely. Maitresse Madeline is gorgeous too and really has the mindset and attitude of a true dominant and conveys it well. A dynamite combination together. Lets see more scenes like this with a mix of real brutality and sexuality!

Whipped Ass
Dec 7, 2008

I love Dylan's physicality and her lovely face. Her hair style comlpiments her features greatly. She reminds me of another great Kink girl - Nina. This was an excellent scene. Dylan apparently love to go deep to all the places I like. I loved the abuse of her body with marking. I love that she like wallowing in being objectified, degraded, humiliated, and used roughly. The manhandling with hair pulling and shoving around with groveling was a real turn on. I hope days 2,3, and 4 keep up the brutal pace and abuse. Lets see more of Dylan in 2009 - I also loved her groveling in mud on Wiredpussy!

The Training Of O
Aug 26, 2008

I'm on board as of day one. Don't forget to do some winter shoots and biker men's room shoots!

Public Disgrace
Mar 2, 2008

I loved this scene. It contains so many of the things I noted in the "live shoot" questionnaire - beginning withy Amber Rayne! Loved the physical filth and hope the degredation and humiliation continues along with the objectification and use of Amber in every way as a total worthless fuck thing. Hope this session will include the first promised Golden Shower as Amber has said she is OK with it - also lots of face slapping! Use her hard!

The Training Of O
Dec 1, 2007

WOW - Clair is always great but, Fiona is a find. I love her atheletic, golden, sweaty, tatooed body. I love her authenticity and natural dominance. I love the pitch and timber of her voice and the fact that she is so gutteral, sexual,and wanton in her domination and humiliation of Omar. Please - more of this wonderful earthy woman!

Men In Pain