Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 11, 2002

Now this is what I am talking about! Excellent!

May 10, 2002

Scarlett is a hot babe and is always a welcome addition to any update. She surpasses the scene. Somehow while this work is fine it seems to have lost a little something in the spirit. It is becoming a little mechanical. Sort of like a "Lets get this over with, I am busy" feeling. But the bondage is good and the girl is gorgeous. Nice work.

Apr 27, 2002

Not all of us want to see heavy SM. I susbscribed because the Women were really good looking and the bondage very inventive. While the women remain fine the bondage is getting a bit repitious. I know you guys are getting into other areas as evidenced by your growing number of sites and I am also aware that you are moving into a new place. That perhaps you are distracted is understandble. However it should also be understandable on your part if your customers start to whine when they feel that perhaps they are no longer a high priority on your list of projects. Hogtied is still the best overall bondage site on the net, but the customer is like a lover who can tell when you are being fickle. My suggestion for what it is worth is to maybe buy some flowers in the form of more updates.

Dec 11, 2001

I would like to change my previous opinion on a few of the shots. They are definetly some very good ones here.

Dec 8, 2001

Too many gadgets and not enough of your usual creative bondage postioning. All that steel hides the beautiful Sadie rather than enhance her beauty. Also, the scene area where the shoots are done is becoming redundant. Bring back the bedroom or some other more natural settings every now and then.

Dec 21, 2001

She is so very beautiful and the ropework is perfection. This is some of your best work in my opinion, Peter. It blew me away.