Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 5, 2006

For what more could one ask. OK, maybe remove the hook, and do double penetration - better yet do a follow up shoot! One of the best shoots in months! Imagine, almost all fives, and no BJ. . . In total, THIS shoot is Hogtied at its best.

Sep 12, 2006

Matt said: "I have said and I'm tired of repeating myself every week. BJ's are a part of Hogtied now. ..the silent majority tells me this is a welcome addition to the site. There are HUNDREDS of BDSM sites out there find the one that suites you." Please, Hogtied IS the site that suites me, and it didn't include BJs. Hogtied became a success without BJs, and, if the majority is silent, how are they heard? Otherwise, GREAT shoot, and the bamboo quite original!

Sep 2, 2006

Sorry, the direction currently taken is moving hogtied toward the same content found on hundreds of ho-hum porno sites. If one goes into the archives to say, Jade Marx (for example) and Peter, and compares the general feeling of the shoots with those done recently, the difference is obvious. At that time, some of the comments complained the girls were having too much fun. Matt said: "We are not going to show 20 minutes of binding up a girl, won't happen." But that's almost exactly what WAS done, which in combination with the interviews, and an atmosphere of fun and respect, made hogtied a success. Sorry, BJs belong on Sex and Submission, otherwise there is no qualitative difference in the sites. Oh, Annie is super.