Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 11, 2003

Madison is beautiful, strong and expressive! What more could one want? ...Other than topping her myself...:-)

Water Bondage
May 24, 2004

Hey, isn't supposed to be fun to get 'down and dirty'? Rhonda, beautiful, just beautiful. It's always wonder-filled when the reactions are honest, and yours certainly seem to be. Hot, sweaty, sexy - and yet somehow, restrained - teehee! Thank you Rhonda & Matt.

May 4, 2004

Wow. Jade, you are just beautiful. You suffer so well. Well done shoot.

May 31, 2003

Bang! love it.

May 11, 2003

Bella is not loud, but into the moment. When she makes noise, it's cause she has to...Her reactions are real, no faking. Thank you, Bella. Love it, Peter, when you make 'em suffer by just having to deal with their predicament.

Apr 30, 2003

for goddess sake, lorelei, tell her what the lipstick is! i do like the begging, tho. And lorelei, you are one wonderful sub. You suffer beautfully. come back and let's have claire really top you. eeeya.

Mar 9, 2003

Bitch bitch moan complain...Geez guys, whadya want? Amomg submissives on the net, Tracey is the cream of the crop - and floggers and bullwhips -hee hee. I happen to like it all; ropes, steel, wood and leather. My own skills with nawa shibari are pretty dang good, but i like to do other stuff as well. Variety is the spice, eh? Yeah, I wanna see her in chains, too, but please enjoy this wonderful, moaning, suffering woman for what she is: a goddess taking it for you. Thank you Tracey and Peter. ps: Is Tracey profoundly deaf or just haed of hearing? Couldn't help but notice the hearing aids...

Mar 7, 2003

wow. Bring Tracey back. She is one of the best bondage models of all time. Make her suffer, she does it so beautifully.

Feb 13, 2003

Nina/Vida, your tattoo's are beautiful. -and so are you. You make my blood race hot. Thank you for suffering for us.

Feb 1, 2003

lorelei is hot hot hot...

Dec 17, 2002

she's just luscious! Looks like a delicate flower, but she's tough as nails. Thanks for getting her on the site.