Everything Butt Presents - Two Fists in Her Ass! - with Anal Queen Ava Devine & Dana DeArmond
Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Forced Orgasms

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Nov 8, 2008

When will Devi get with the program? She looks like she's determined to look like it ain't no big thang. Let it out, woman! Your minimalist grimaces are a turn off to what is otherwise a great shoot. On the other hand, I've never seen such a perfect body. I trust Devi will return and learn a few things about emoting

Whipped Ass
Oct 22, 2008

Wow! What a cutie pie! This girl is the goods: girl-next-door looks, no grotesque tattoos, killer maryjane heels and oh does she sound good when she's getting boned. If Sarah Jessica Parker was 15 years younger and had a nose job, this is what she'd look like. As for the positions, in her case, less is more. She's no Sarah Jane Ceylon, but then, she doesn't have to be.

Sex And Submission
Oct 17, 2008

How lucky are we that someone as naturally beautiful and wholesome-looking as Bobbi gets such a charge out of being dominated, stripped, bound and forced to orgasm? The fact that she still has a modicum of bush and has limited any tattoos to a tasteful little butt crack ornament only makes her hotter. She's the ultimate girl next door. It doesn't get hotter than that!

Sex And Submission
Aug 21, 2008

Gia is hot enough to melt my screen, but her nursey outfit is compromised by those piss-ugly shoes. It's a good thing she has enough heat to overcome this unfortunate costume malfunction.

Sex And Submission
Aug 4, 2008

Paul2 has hit it on the head. If you're going to strip a woman by erotically cutting off her clothes, then don't leave gaps in how she is stripped of every shred. This is especially true if she's wearing such killer Maryjane pumps as Tabatha. If she's going to have them taken from her, then show it dammit! It pisses me off to discover that the woman is magically stripped naked between set one and two. You often do this within the same set. Listen to your subscribers and learn from them

Sex And Submission
Jul 31, 2008

Does anyone looking at these pictures see the overtones that strongly hint at concentration camp victims, especially the bald model? The photos on the cart evoke pictures of similar carts piled high with the corpses of emaciated prisoners. This is not sexy, rather very disturbing. The Kink.com folks are geniuses at depicting high quality erotic bondage and forced orgasm, but this shoot is in decidedly poor taste.

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