Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 3, 2012

Ash is hot. Sexy face and body. The initial cocky "I like to fight back" interview set up the potential for a great take down scene that never happend. Pete was too cutesy in this shoot for a Dom and the whole video lacked passion.

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Apr 26, 2012

Claire I have followed your kink career for a long time. Whether it's riding the front of a truck like a mummified hood ornament at one extreme or dreaming up absolutely devilish contortions for your subs at the other, you are an indispensible asset to our community. Thank you for your adventurous, warped, creativity. Felony, no one is more fun to watch cum than you are babe. Tough shoot well done. Did you just invent the word 'CONTRAPMENT'??? Peter, did you hear that? Register it right now man! Key word for the sites identity if you ask me!!

Device Bondage
Apr 11, 2012

Hoo-fucking-ray!!! Way to get one for us Matt!! We would all love to fuck the girls you get. I hope it's a trend. Stuff them helpless sluts for us. I'm not big on body building babes but there is nothing hotter than the way you forced this willful, proud and substantial woman into a mass of quivering spasm on the strength of your fingers. Wow! Talk about power. And then finally, reduced her to a sub-space-stupor where all she wants is....MORE. ME TOO!

Mar 5, 2012

Matt, I too am glad to get to see you gettin' to do it! You are our proxy. You do it for us! I really enjoyed seeing you getting your nut off in DeGreys ass!! Way to go man!

Feb 17, 2012

Cherry, you have one of the greatest capacities to process pain that I have ever seen!! You suffered for us beautifully my dear.

Device Bondage
Nov 17, 2011

After years of watching you guys on various kink sites some of us can say that we feel like we know you. It has a special intimacy when you share in friends play a lot more than strangers. It was fun to see you Matt get all excited about a chance to fuck Isis. Please know that you did it for a lot of us while you were getting it for yourself! Isis it was especially satisfying to watch you be surprised at how much you enjoyed yourself. We are all glad you got to end your month-long drought and get even longer-desired spanking and whipping. You know, unlike most women with desires like yours, you don't have to go very far to get some! We'll all watch you anytime you want a slap and nut!!! You make us hard guys, but better than that, you also make us smile.

Aug 26, 2011

Bobbi, what you just did validated all of Kink.com. The fact that someone's limit CAN be reached and that their reactions are so honest, humble and beautiful makes all the rest of what everyone else does believable. You have just made the whole organization more real for all of us. Thank you for being you, for being brave, for being sexy, pretty and REAL. With all our love, Many happy members.

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Mar 18, 2011

one of the best videos of S&M I've ever seen. Lindy Lane is cute, sexy, pretty, naive, brave, expressive, appreciative, open, multi-orgasmic, enthusiastic, strong, tuff and did I already say cute and sexy? This is hard core S&M...she takes some real pain but you can acutally see how she LIKES some of it, works at processing others of it and appreciates how ultimately it makes her cum harder than she does in plain sex. The post filming interview provides her balanced assessment of the experience that illuminates the submissive woman so well...likes some pain, handles most pain, and really APPRECIATES what pain does for her sexually. One of the best ever!! I think in the first of the 3 viniettes, her bare ass shown from under her skirt is one of the sexiest things. And her expressive face, cheek pressed up against the side of the pillar she is bolted to, is absolutely charming, disarming and...sexy.

Device Bondage
Nov 17, 2010

Classic topping from the bottom from first tie to final jabs!! What a delightful joy to see these two interact. Tell Allie that she took 4 out of 5 rounds as far as I'm concerned. Big, big fun guys. Thanks.

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Sep 16, 2010

Tell Marie she gave an incredibly hot performance. This was one of the top two or three WP shoots I've ever seen! More than that, one of the hottest Kink shoots ever! I don't know what company awards you'll have this year but be sure to put this vid up for any category it will qualify to compete in. Well done ladies! You are all sexy as hell.

Wired Pussy
Sep 3, 2010

James and Ashli did such a terrific job of acting that you KNEW they had to be FEELING there roles for real. When you get confirmation of just how much they enjoyed what they were doing from the interviews at the end, it becomes one of the very hottest adult productions I've ever viewed, period. And one is left wondering to the very end, because Ashli failed so many times to say only the things she was permitted, and instead came so close over and over, but DIDN'T, if she was ASKING for an escalation of the dominance! Her demeanor in the interview finally answers your questions...she is completely capable of topping from the bottom. Great chemistry. Great personal dynamics. The irony of the Dom being embarrassed by flattery is just too much fun. Big smiles.

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Apr 9, 2009

Dear Tomcat, You have a very special touch with the models, one that lets them be open to all that they dare to explore. It is seductive to the viewer as well. I'm hoping you can assist me with a referral. I have recently purchased a Vac-U-Lock adapter for my reciprocating saw. I hoped to be able to purchase a smooth Vac-U-Lock dildo as well because I have observed that you use such toys on all your machines. I have been unable to search out a source of a smooth dildo, like the ones you use, anywhere. I have suspected that a more realistic dildo, with rim and veins, was probably just too much friction for the repetitive and high speed penetration of any of your wonderful machines. (I can just imagine the image of a pussy beginning to smoke from too much friction!!! I guess "Fireplay" would have to be another website however.) So my first question for you is "Is that so? Is it your experience that smooth dildos are best?" Then the second question is, if so, can you recommend where to purchase them? Keep up the great work!! MJ Reldan

Fucking Machines
Nov 22, 2006

As a relatively new wiredpussy member, I came back through the older shoots looking for something shorter when I only had a little time one day. This shoot is the most fun I've had at a kink.com website EVER, and I'm a member of 3 of them. I cannot believe people didn't think it was real. The interactions between all three woman were a pleasure to share. Vengance for a bit clit is real. Pleading not to be taken past the pleasant edge of pain is real. Feeling anger to the point where distraction makes you forget you've got the control to shock the other's pussy, is real. And the good natured, competitive, taunting, gaming, teasing atmosphere was good, clean fun. I smiled the whole way through and envied the kisses and licks. Well done women, well done. You and this shoot is my all time favorite. (Just don't tell Matt!) MJ Reldan

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