Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 2, 2003

Only 3 things to say: 1. Kendra CAN quit her day job; she's great in front of the camera. 2. All I ask is for ONE shoot without Peter groping the model. 3. I finally realized who Peter sounds like....Elmer Fudd!

Dec 28, 2002

Lorelei is definitely a solid B+; love to see her again. She would have made A+ if she could have incompacitated Peter with a good kick! Would like to have seen more of Liz, but, it was nice to see her lend a hand. Peter, well he still reminds me of that anit-drug commercial "the frying pan and the egg" referring to a mind and a mind on drugs. In Peter's case, just leave out the frying pan!

Dec 21, 2002

Hooray!!! Cowgirl to the rescue!!! At least she puts some feeling when she uses the cane and flogger, unlike some wimp we're forced to see too, too often! Cowgirl doesn't need to cop a feel every 15 seconds either. If Peter was home sick for this shoot, I'm so happy, and hope he gets sick much, much more often! Cowgirl brings back memories of how this site was and was expected to be with the new dungeon! Can't get enough of Cowgirl as bottom or Top!