Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 25, 2011

I've been a member in the past, but not for a loooong time. Just seeing the images from this update was enough for me to plunk down my money again! You can thank Princess Donna for that. When I read "Princess Donna gets DP'd" that was enough to get my money! I haven't even watched it yet but I know it's going to be good! Keep up the great work Princess Donna, you are truly one of a kind! Whether you are Dom or Sub, you are the best!!

Sex And Submission
May 26, 2007

Words cannot describe just how awesome this update was! It has it all. Good bondage, fantasy angle, and sex and bondage. It is hands down one of the best updates ever for Hogtied and it's better then 90% of the updates on Sex and Submission! And to top it all off Matt gets to blow a load. That doesn't happen often. I don't know how he held himself back from getting a little fuck action off that tight little snatch! Excellent work all around. I only hope that hogtied will have more bondage and sex in the future!

May 24, 2006

I always love Annie Cruz! She never fails to dissappoint.

Water Bondage
Mar 16, 2007

I appreciat all the tutorials. I'm eager to learn!

Kink University
Feb 16, 2007

I welcome any and all bondage instruction! I suck at tying up my wife, I want to get better! And people that complain about the content, what do you expect for 4.95 a month? This is not the site for good whack off material!

Kink University
Jan 1, 2007

I've been waiting for profiles like this from this site. I'm very curious about the people "behind the scenes" at Kink.com. How about a story on Matt next?

Behind Kink
Aug 16, 2006

I always love the "home invasion" scenario. And I like the realistic setting of the bedroom. Dungeons and far out looking sets do not lend any realism. They have their place, but I'm glad you mix it up with other settings.

Whipped Ass
Aug 15, 2006

Annie Cruz is awesome as always! She never fails to dissappoint! Hands behind the back and sucking cock is the way to go!

Jul 28, 2006

OH and Harmony has never looked better! Smoking hot!

Behind Kink
Jul 28, 2006

This was the first update on this site that I felt like whacking off to! I think this idea has promise. I'm also in agreement with the bosses on this one. I really loved the wrestling and forced tie up. This really plays into the fantasy. And I really love Lew's idea about having porn star couples come on and have the guy tie up the girl and fuck her right there. The tight bondage and stuggling was good to. That takes me back to my first memories of watching women tied up and struggling. It's always the struggling, along with the tight ropes and nudity that really gets me off! Great Idea guys, it just needs a bit of work and you'll be getting some more of my money!

Behind Kink
Jul 18, 2006

Cute girl, great bondage, some ass hook, some cock sucking, what more do we need? This is awesome baby, with a capital "A"!

Jun 16, 2006

Now that was a documentary! I really learned something about female ejacualate! I'm going to try to make my wife squirt tonight! Oh and did I mention that I love Annie Cruz?

Behind Kink
Jun 10, 2006

Good idea bugeye! I would definitely enjoy hearing the webmasters discuss past shoots, past experiences, favorite models, it would all be good!

Behind Kink
Jun 9, 2006

This was pretty good. I like the longer run times. I really can't wait for the next update with a squirting Annie Cruz! Is it pee or is it cum????

Behind Kink
Jun 6, 2006

Kelly is hot! Why cover up her face with that hood? I know Sgt Major loves his hoods, but she's too cute to cover up like that!