Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by dythrame

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Sep 29, 2010

i didnt need to see another "expert"talk and hand job her way through ahead course. the only head going on here was an illusion . i feel sorry for the guy in that one what a rip.

Kink University
May 10, 2010

the last thing i want to watch is some guy jerking off. gads you have the slave make use of her , or are her talents so poor the only way your so called studs can get off is by their own hand

The Upper Floor
Feb 10, 2007

would be nice to see a good tight hog tie with suspension and oral and vaginal use ,maybe with elbows bound together on back.

Sex And Submission
Oct 28, 2006

very hot ,very good. on the tech side i found the download jerky , like it was on a web cam, kinda spoiled it for me , like Early video was ugly in that it all looked flat and grainy, guess digital has process hesitation,in this formate

Sex And Submission
May 26, 2006

it,s starting look like all the other porn.um what happened to the submission , i like bondage, but id like the girls to take a more active, sub role

Sex And Submission
Dec 28, 2005

good stuff ,good looking girl, i,dd like to see her do a real scene though

Sex And Submission
Aug 27, 2004

very nice, more close ups please ,olso the lighting could be better

Aug 10, 2004

very good ,play is fun ,but where is the sex?