Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 28, 2008

Cyd just watched your shoot, Delilah is beautiful and very sexy and you are well just you. Cyd a suggestion [if this is the wrong place for a suggestion please tell me] here goes. I notice you like to use your pocket knife to remove the mosels clothes and sometimes to tease them with the point. How about if before you use the knife you show it to the model and tell them to keep very still as it is very sharpe but not to worry as you have a first aid kit handy and you think there medics in the building, just a thought. Keep up the very high standard and you have a member for life.

Device Bondage
Feb 2, 2008

First post ever on this site, thats if the powers that be allow it. Anyway here goes... seven has been a favourite of mine for years, she is beautiful with a very very sexy body. Ihave not watched this yet but I am inclined to agree with Lifescab, i think James will find out that Seven is her own lady . James may have a problem, I hope so, it will make a pleasant change. Good luck James i think you will need it and Seven make a pest of yourself just to see Jame's reaction.

The Training Of O
Nov 23, 2007

I love seeing Jade on any Kink site and definately on ttoo but i agree with mrtfbll Mark Davis is not right for this site, he hasnt got James soft approach to the submissive but acts like a cave man and as if Jade is his submissive when i fact for now she is James. Other than that a very good shoot.

The Training Of O