Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 30, 2008

first timers are always great!! there is some kind of virginity in it. Sorry Aspasia but I consider your comment insulting toward Camryn. It takes a lot of courage and endurance to go to these scenes and I am grateful for every woman taking it. I don't care if they are 18 or 40!

Sex And Submission
Jun 30, 2008

fun and really great interaction. Anette is great as a sub but now we've seen she even has dom talents too. Tanks girls!

Wired Pussy
Jun 25, 2008

Take a scared nervous model, a filmcrew, rope and torturematerial. And you have two possible outcomes. One is that somebody agrees to -well let�´s put is honestly- get raped on camera in exchange for money. The other is an experience like taking virginity. Meaning learning new things, moving your bounderies, and last but not least: simply enjoy. The ingredient for making this difference? Professionalism and empathie with the model. That makes the difference between torture and hruting with consideration. That makes the difference between raping and dominating. I have not to tell in which category this one fits. Congratulations Carly for your fun and honest courage. Congratulations Matt...for all the rest!