Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 21, 2010

Bring her back using spme bjg toyes and punishment for noy cuning on time

Jan 13, 2010

As a new member 1-13-2010 If amber is not back Please bring her back yes do the splits looking forward to fund amber in the 29 pages

Jan 7, 2010

Need to bring back Do more tit control-pain This is for all the girls failure to ask to cum earns the girl {her choise} 20 tolal cane stroks on the tits or 30 stroks on the ass

Jan 6, 2010

PLEASE bring her back Would like to see the use oa a butt plug and then see her come

Jul 17, 2007

outstanding absolutely incredibell work In the trainning I thought that Bobbi was to exspan her pussy and ass that was the reason for the plugs Therefor she woard the plugs home under lock and key she shoukd have ward the back the next day

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