Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Sep 21, 2007

I am a Dom (and regular viewer of your sister Men In Pain site) in the same age group as Ginger and I joined this site just to see her get worked over by her man. This was good stuff, I was really turned on to see a woman of this age getting caned and ass-fucked. She was genuinely turned on by the whole thing and visibly so. One little refinement for your site would be to have the woman impaled on a big dido stretching her pussy and then bent over and ass-fucked at the same time. Just a throw-away thought boys......

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Sep 14, 2007

Good storyline; sleazball hitting on Kitty getting more than he bargained for. Bill did well to last so long before shooting his load. Loved the cum dribbling out of Kitty's mouth, shame she did not put it all in Bill's! Think the combination of domination, dildo fucking and forced cock fucking works really well in these latest videos. Bill's cock is superb and pleasingly hard when he is not being punished. Kitty was totally hot. Agree about the hat though. One small point, naked pussies look great when the girls dildo fuck the guys. Us girls like to see how wet your girls get doing it !

Men In Pain
Sep 7, 2007

Nah, this did nothing for me, it seemed as if Sandra just complained about not getting off on his little prick. It's nice to see the dom pussy-fucking the sub but really only if it is fer HER satisfaction, this was obviously not. I would expect her to take her frustration out on him with a flogger or by shoving 2 or 3 lubed finger up his ass.

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Sep 6, 2007

Would still like to see dom ass fucking sub girl ass fucking sub guy though.....

Men In Pain
Sep 6, 2007

If Cruingnu wants to see two guys being demeaned on the end of two dildos, check out Mika Tan & Lorelei fucking the shit out of two errant delivery guys dated July 12th 06 and July 26th 06. Now that's entertainment. These girls know how to party.

Men In Pain
Sep 3, 2007

This is outstanding. As a woman watching this I really enjoyed Claire domming a woman and a man. Claire was particularly menacing in this role play as she did not get naked and we only got glimpses of her pussy in those hot red panties. I would have liked to see her starp on fuck Sarah whilst Sarah was strap on fucking Little Billy though. Also, seeing Calire play with herself as Sarah made Billy cum would have been good. Nice cum swapping at the end too. I don't usually play with myself when I watch the video for the first time but could not resist figering my bum hole watching Sarah take it in the bum. More 3-ways please !

Men In Pain
Jul 27, 2007

Guys, speaking as a dom, I LOVED this. Claire is like an interrogator, is genuinely sinister and did you look at the size of that strap-on ! Most of the strap-on's look too comfortable for the subs, the big cock Claire used on him really did deliver Men In Pain. I was so turned-on I came twice watching thevid. Forget IT boys, you need DOM.

Men In Pain
Jul 26, 2007

Really hot this one. Nice to see a forced fuck in it as well, your site is much better with some bound fucking. I would really like to get one of my friend do do a guy like this with me but they are not as kinky as me ! Ever thought of 2 girls DP-ing a guy with 2 strap-ons? I get wet at the crotch just thinking about it.

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Sep 19, 2002

we want more gags face harnesses & hoods .... excellent bondage... me likes alot !!!!!!!!!!!