Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 21, 2014

All four wrestlers on the mat were fantastic but two stood out Izamar and Daisy both put in a gigantic amount of effort into this match. But Penny and Mona were playing there part Mona was not intimidated being the most inexperienced of the four and Penny was there when Daisy needed her. U/S as I see it is formost about the wrestling and in this match it was as always non stop and intence. But so was round four with Mistress Kara all these young women looked fantastic and in great shape for the S/V unscipted wrestling at its best Ariel as always in tag working hard to keep everyone safe many thanks to all on the mat in every round for some unbelieveble effort and entertainment jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 20, 2014

Danas fun attitude and Sarahs tallents combined to make even the extreem erotic two skilled young women in a shoot that had everything beautiful women and erotic anal play thank you both jh/uk

Everything Butt
Aug 17, 2014

Your coments are really for the forums if you are the dom in a scene you do not need to join in there are two ladies that this shoot was about. You do not see a rigger on a bondage shoot tying them selfs up or a dom whipping them selfs.In electro \sluts you will not see the dom catle prod herself . So why the fuck all this shit about Isis taking it up the Ass in the adult industy she is probably one very well respected and admired lady who has done a shed load of high quaulity material.Isis has moved on in her career and her domming style is to get leave that to her subs with just abit of a tease now and then but let them be the stars. Every dom has a different style in every type of fetish.If you think that Isis is unqualified or not good at her job fine but there is a reason she does not do anal it is her desision and it could be a number of reasons. But the only hypocrit here are the moaners all you want is another model taking it up the ass in effect three subs as if two were not enough.Isis is over qualified underrated as a dom and far to good to have this feed back about something she is not obliged to do if you want to lose the top talent then keep up the winging but take a look Isis normaly stars in three girl shoots, jh/uk

Everything Butt
Aug 16, 2014

Isis as ever a gem Zoey and Sheena perfect ladies for what is another fantastic shoot beautiful women and some intence and sensual scenes,as for the post above its not Isis that needs the butplug , MANY THANKS TO ALL THREE jh/uk

Everything Butt
Aug 15, 2014

Two beautiful women with a sweet rivalry they work so well together Holly was dominated in this match and the gas tank was empty by the end of the second round. But she aint no quiter any lady that stays for more than one match at U/S has proved that, and Holly has given us so many rounds of entertainment. Penny is a star she is a jester a very good wrestler and a beautiful woman all in one. A great match and the sex round was fantastic making the most of the energy that Holly had left i could watch these ladies for ever so rematch after rematch please .A big thank you to all three young women on the mat for a safe entertaining match proving these wrestlers do give it everything on the mat jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 10, 2014

Two fantastic wrestlers but at this stage of the S/V a new weapon is unleashed and that is experience, Bella has from when she first wrestled been a force to be reckoned with and she is looking very fit and happy so the result was inevitable but Michahas had a great season and never give in to learn you need to be in with the best. All the rounds were great I love the more sensual round fours so a bonus there, three fantastic ladies put on one fantastic shoot and I thank you all,The member with the question about the weight divisions there are two points first the number of wrestlers on the rosta and second come on ! (heavyweights) even Ariel could not get away with that as for the other this is unscripted wrestling and Bella is not easy to beat so make the most of the few times it happpens jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 6, 2014

love the two ladies the interaction and the play Bonnie is an angel as or the other comments every site is full of them if you lead a life so packed this is boring then why are you watching porn . Thank you Ladies jh/uk

Everything Butt
Aug 2, 2014

WOW what a match Rilynn had a fantastic match I always love to see a wrestler develope confidence and start to enjoy her time on the mat Rilynn not only looks like an amazon godess she now wrestles like one. Daisy is a fantastic lady both skill wise and personality wise and Rilynn really pushed her this time, Ariel must be so proud of both these ladies who mid-way through the S/V have set a benchmark for the rest of the tournament energetic competative sexual wrestling at its very best. U/S is the best and three ladies that were on the mat and what the delivered means it will remain so, thanks to all three another safe but tournament style match jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 31, 2014

A mat full of beautiful women and energetic wrestling and erotic action just what a tag team should be .A great mix of wrestlers a elite a elite in waiting and two fantastic new girls a fantastic coach and a divine ref in short a mat full of female beauty and talent many thanks to all who made this happen jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 30, 2014

Any shoot with Isis gets a five vote from me three beautiful ladies all working well together loved a big thank you to all jh/uk

Everything Butt
Jul 27, 2014

The new girl Carter could not have been given a better dom than Lorelie she was a perfect choice. Two beautiful women in a fantastic shoot enough said thank you both jh/uk.

Whipped Ass
Jul 25, 2014

Two fantastic young ladies Lea finishing the season with another great match against a very skilled fir opponent she was involved in a very high energy fast match and held her own in the first round. Jayogen is a fast improving highly skilled lady who is getting more confident and adapting to the U/S style of wrestling with every match her next opponent is another lady that like Lea has a natural ability when it comes to wrestling and had a similar start at U/S to Lea so Jayogen is in for a tough match what I have just had the pleasure to see on the mat is why I joined thank you both jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 23, 2014

Three beautiful women nice shoot everyone worked well together so nothing not to like about this thank you ladies jh/uk

Everything Butt
Jul 20, 2014

One thing I would like to add with the summer vengance progressiig and the matche getting closer there will be more matches with less style points but the bonus is the wrestlers are more experienced and have normalyb been in more round fours so they make up for it in this round and it gives members who love to see the skilled matches a treat jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 18, 2014

Two beautiful women both fit and flexible and strong so not much chance of style points here Lea should be proud she was against avery skilled and experienced wrestler Darling is a star she had to be in this match a show of grappling talent.The wrestling rounds are competative and unscripted the sex round is scripted.You see commentslike shit and boring almost evey week in the post match comments and you dont see any from the wrestlers thats participation in the post match comments. I am going to coment on the two beautiful women who put everything in to that three rounds of wrestling its what I joined for U/S does not need any fixing or changes just look at what these two ladies have done thank you both.and well done Darling for some great wrestling thats what it was as for the post match comments to the members best of luck jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender