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Apr 26, 2009

Great match Yana did a great job and with Dias guidance team black will soon be winning matches but Arial this time was the one to get the job done her wrestling tallent and stamina plus tactics really paid off.Weona has become a much stronger wrestler and with Arial they make a really strong team. I love to see Arial and Dia wrestle as they are very closely matched and seem to enjoy there time on the mat. All four wrestlers put on a very competative match played out in a very sporting way loved round four thanks to all at U/S jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 22, 2009

Great match two fantastic wrestlers giving 100% they may not be in the top 5 wrestlers but this match was awesome both never stopped Sinn reminds me of Alexa in the way she wrestles and by pinning Calico down proved to be very efective.Calico really had a hard task in this match with the strength and the weight difference but never give up. I hope both wrestlers make it to the top sixteen as both deserve it on that perforance it was as competative match as you could get thank you both hope you return soon jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 15, 2009

Dia showed us she is still the teacher and Adrianna the aprentice but what a great match it was hard fought and a pleasure to whatch Dia giving Adrianna a leson in wrestling. Adrianna has inproved and is more than able to compete against the mid-ranked wrestlers but Dia needs the likes of Vendetta Arial X and Syd to test her limits.The time with Dia in the Tag team has improved Adriannas wrestling technique as it did with Tia wrestling in the team with Arial. Nice win Dia and well done Adrianna for such a great match loved round four thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 11, 2009

With regards to the weight diference Amber was doing very well and may well have won but the fever the night before slowed her down,Lighter wrestlers have a agility and speed advantage but with Amber not feeling to great that wasnt to be in the second and third round. As for lighter wrestlers not having a chance against the heavier wrestlers those that have wrestled Syd would tell you diferent. katiegee and myself both wanted Amber to win but it was that fever not the weight that prevented it Amber at 100% can wrestle with the best jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 8, 2009

Great match Amber as always gave 100% and i was so glad to see that she wasnt injured at the end of round one ( great work by Matt )in round two and three you could see that Amber was not in top form but having just got over a fever full marks for just being there. Yana is a great new wrestler and did a great job in round two both wrestlers seemed to enjoy it and with a great round four and no injuries thank you both Amber is still my favorit wrestler win or lose jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 6, 2009

Great final Arial did her best but Dia and Adrianna were to strong, Dia and Arial are very even and it was great to see them wrestle each other, in a singles match it would be hard to pick a winner. Adrianna is inproving all the time and she played a big part in wearing Arial and Tia down. Tia was fantastic for a new wrestler to be in a final in the company of three of U/S finest and compete like that.Bella gets deserved praise as the best newcommer but Tia was thrown right in the deep end in this match.You have to admire Arials stamina but team black havent any weak points Dia and Adriannaare worthy winners but thank you all for such a great match jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 1, 2009

Great match Dia did a great job and proved she is in top form Bella was outclassed but we had to expect this. Bella for a new wrestler has been fantastic her size and strength has helped her in the last matches but against the top five wrestlers experience counts. With Bella faceing Vendetta and Dia she has come up against the best and i hope this dosnt put her off as im sure her place in top five will not be that long in comming.Dia is in great shape and well in line for winning championship like to thank both wrestlers for a great match jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 29, 2009

Great match all the wrestlers were great but i think that Kirra did a great job Vendetta is always going to be hard to beat and together they make a good team.A close hard fought match that all seemed to enjoy.Both these teams could make the finals like the end of double tag rule as this keeps things safer but will miss Isis thanks to both teams jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 27, 2009

Would love to see Sasha V Annie as i think both would stand a good chance of winning and Annie could learn Sasha the U/S style o wrestling safley jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 26, 2009

Weona was as allways great but for a new wrestler so was Sasha she fourght well against a very good wrestler.Bella and Ami for new wrestlers have been exceptinal in how quick they have learnt the U/S style of wrestling and this has probably raised expectations that all new wrestlers will learn as quick.By the way Sasha was breathing deep and fast by round two i think she gave it 100% and didnt give up and we should apreciate this.Weona did dominate the match but with her experience and fitness levals you would expect this Sasha had to wrestle most of the match from the bottom and deal with Weonas strength and agility so for Sasha this match wasnt easy i really hope she stays at U/S well done Weona thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 19, 2009

Great match Madison was not able to deal with Amis size and weight advantage but was able to keep the pionts score low by not letting Ami hold her down to long.This match might have looked slow but this is often the case when to wrestlers are evenly matched for Madison it must have felt anything but slow dealling with Amis constant onslaught. Ami like Bella is a great new wrestler and did a great job. Madison kept the scores low and is allways a pleasure to watch thank you both for a great match jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 11, 2009

Really close hard fought match well done to Bella she has won a match against a real tougth apponent Yanna is the more experienced wrestler but Bella seems to be naturally tallented like Safari and will give even the top wrestlers a hard time. A rematch in the future would be good as both wrestlers will inprove Yanna with the U/S style and Bell with more experience and moves thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 4, 2009

Well done Adrianna for winning but a big round of congratulations to both wrestlers for putting on one of the most evenlly matched and competative matches i have seen. Weona is very fit and flexible but Adrianna has become faster and more aware of Weonas moves and able to counter them (thank you Dia) Adriannas recent win against Hollie showed how much she has improved.Had Weona got that leg sizzor move in round three she would have won but Adrianna was by then to strong loved round four not to brutal but very sexy thank you both jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 25, 2009

This was a very close match and full marks to AMBER for winning. The new wrestler SINN is very strong but allthough it was stopped a round earlly i feel that AMBER had by then began to dominate the match and deserved the win the two rounds of wrestling must rate as some of the most competative seen at U/S and both wrestlers deserve our thanks for that.I hope that SINNS injury heals quickly and she returns soon, It is allways great to see AMBER at U/S and looking so good Sinns probably underestimated what a little ball of energy AMBER is. Like to thank them both for such a great match and congratulate Matt for some exellent ref work in keeping the wrestlers safe, jh/uk.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 19, 2009

Still not able to download but have contacted support download from ultimate surrender site ok jh/uk.

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