Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 17, 2004

What a great shoot, it dont matter about no underwater stuff, just keep the good stuff comine .... :-)

Water Bondage
Oct 21, 2005

Well, I have to say "FANTASTIC" so good I had to re-join after things started to get a bit same same. But WOW what a shoot and what a great model, loved the spread eagle, always looks great on a large breasted model. Can we have more super hero bondage and punishment ... Thanks Matt and Chritine.

Jun 1, 2005

Fantastic ..... Great work, great location and of corse ....The FANTASTIC girls ....luv this series .... keep up the good work .... :-)

Apr 20, 2005

Great model, fantastic bondage and all my favorite ties ( suspend, stretch, flogging ), lets see more and more of this model .... well done guys and girls.

Apr 16, 2005

Great story, I hope this continues as is for a long time, all the girls are fantastic and fo course the masters .... :-)

Apr 14, 2005

Great shoot, love Sydnee, I like the hanging, stretching poses. But I also have to ask, what happened to our busty models ...?

Mar 1, 2005

MMmmmmmmm not very impressed with this. The girls are fantastic ... :-)

Feb 22, 2005

Fantastic model, lets see lots more of her, great work guys .... :-)

Jan 26, 2005

Great work guys and girls .... :-) I also agree with Michael, its boring all this "I'm first" business, come on guys, grow up a bit ..... ???