Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 17, 2011

I could not agree more. Darling is an ICON of KINK! Absolutely Fantastic... Historic that this is recorded for posterity. I truely hope that Water Bondage does return. It is a special Alternative form of this wonderful world of BDSM.

Water Bondage
Aug 24, 2011

Trina - You are Absolutely Fantastic!!! How do you look so Beautiful ALL the time? Great shoot by Everyone! Thanks Much!

Device Bondage
Apr 16, 2009

One can not deny the perfection of the Absolute Electrified Forced Orgasm...! C'est Magnifique!

Wired Pussy
Feb 6, 2009

Mark... How do you get to have ALL the fun?! Beautiful set with Beautiful Jade!!!

Sex And Submission
Feb 3, 2009

Amber Babe...! Looks to be a Fabulous New Face & a Magnificent New Model for Hogtied!!!

Jan 23, 2009

WOW!!! Princess Donna Topped by Mark... This HAS to be FANTASTIC! Kudos to you both!

Sex And Submission
Jan 20, 2009

Almost Unbelievable is how I would begin to describe this video!!! Beautiful Bella Rossi Reigns! Absolutely perhaps the best I have seen on Kink.com! Other than all the obvious attributes of this Wild & Wonderful Woman... Bella, your eyes are AMAZING! Such a unique shade of Green / Gray that sparkle as if they are made of Diamonds! What person could even think that they would not be a fan of your figure... mr. andy 212? ABSOLUTE BEAUTY are the only descriptives possible! Lochai & Graydancer, you guys did a superb piece of work in forcing out the Best of Bella! Bella, kindly grace us with a return in the near future!

Jan 20, 2009

Have not seen all of the video as yet, but do want to comment that the 'Padded Cell / Interogation Room' is an excellent stage for such 'Examinations'...!!! Have to admit that I have not seen Calico previously ( I'll have to catch up!) but she has delicious Body Langauge; and a truely beautiful smile... More to Qum!!!

Jan 6, 2009

AABSOLUTE MAGNIFICENCE!!! To view & enjoy the Beautiful Babe Bobbi in ultrareal situations of bound duress & sexual stress. Driven by forced maximum orgasms to lose her natural innocence to the extreme power of total helplessness... Ecstasy achieved by the ultimate submission to Absolute Dominance... This is TRUE BEAUTY!!! Love You Bobbi...