Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 11, 2008

This is a great shoot it is just too bad there is not one clear picture because the lighting is too low and the shutter speed too slow with out any depth of field. I realize that the lighting adds to the ambiance of the shoot but clear pictures would make for a better presentation. Great except for the quality of the pictures

Oct 3, 2008

Stream does not seem to function and there appears to be a section missing from the end of part 4 other than that great

Public Disgrace
Aug 26, 2008

Well it never fails , yes you can not please all of the people all of the time. When the armory was first used all you heard from the whiners was it's too dark, the sound is no good, your cameras are out of focus. Matt was promoted a very well deserved honor. I have been watching his work many years and he has no equal but then why does he need one. Each rigger has their own style and I do think this one was hand picked by him so why don't you individuals who always seem to have negative responses give the man the benefit of some time to get his hands wet. I did like the variance of the rigging, a different style. If we had the same scene over and over this would soon become a boring place. As for you who rate anything below the median I have yet to see any presentation that deserves a below average or poor. Some appeal to me some do not but there are no poor scenes on the site

Jun 17, 2008

Berlin is always a treat to behold. I normally read the comments before observing the latest presentation therefore I was looking for awful scenes and bad bondage, in short I found no awful scenes or bad bondage they were all superb and professionally prepared. Thank you for again displaying Berlin for our enjoyment.

May 23, 2008

Observations of both the pictures and video I found this very interesting. I have been a long time subscriber to this site and do not know what some of you folks expect. There are only so many ways to bind a person and this has to be accomplished with in their personal parameters. If this is not your cup of tea brew another. I have never seen a presentation that deserved a negative comment. Some I find more interesting than others that just normal human nature but none that deserve the pointedly negative responses.

Sex And Submission
Oct 20, 2007

I am again compelled to write an entry to this comment section. First if any of you have sites that can offer more quantity and quality of diverse content, please post your web sites so we can judge your work. I am positive Kink.com has no contenders that would affect subscribers. Second where do you get your arrogance in some of the comments I read. This entry is a very fine example of hard submission. Both of the participants did an admirable job. For those of you who say he (TJ) needs more practice I disagree he did a very fine job. Just because the shoot was not to your taste you low rating really holds little weight because you offer no supporting suggestions. Next time you care to rate low at least have the courtesy to give your supporting arguments. ( or are the words hard to find) All in all I found this a very enjoyable episode. I do disagree with the low ratings that some of the members seem to enjoy posting. Again creative criticism would most likely be appreciated by the staff, but the inane comments I am sure get laughs.

Sex And Submission
Sep 14, 2007

It appears that a few of the creative minds here want a cookie cutter shoot each time. A model is to be naked, no tat’s, facial shot at the end. This is a very narrow minded outlook. I find enjoyment in each episode for its unique attributes. Please do not stop the diversification because a few individuals have no imagination. Oh and for you who rate a one there is no excuse for it. Again an interesting model and a good shoot in my opinion and it seems we all have them good or bad.

Sex And Submission
May 4, 2007

Well where to start, I enjoyed the shoot as I do with most of your work. A new facility needs a bit of acoustic work but that’s what new place is all about. Nice model, good location and interesting; now to those who like to rate low, well we won’t have to wait too long for the non condom users to no longer be with us through the natural selection process and as far as anal not every female enjoys it. As far as the over all quality it seems again that those that can, “do” and those who can not, “whine”. Enjoyable in my opinion

Sex And Submission
Apr 6, 2007

Those who can "DO" Those who can not "WHINE" Nope-Bigots just don't do it for me As always Jade is great and just how many ways are there to tie someone

Sex And Submission
Sep 4, 2005

Very nice model, nice shoot, but there is no point to the high res pictures when all you get is high res blur. Seems to me that the formula is more light and a higher F-stop and the possibility of using a tripod or monopod for a solid base from which to shoot. If this and other of your sites did this it would certainly be appreciated.

Sex And Submission
Mar 10, 2004

Well......I like it just fine, great shots

Feb 2, 2004

absoluty super! very nice with the nippleclams!!!!

Nov 15, 2003

Well I just have to make a comment about the feet. The comment made me look at her feet, not something I normally do when confronted with a beauty on a machine. I was expecting a gnarled, stubby,ugly, hoof. Well it appears to me that the feet are pedicured and the young lady just decided to not apply a coat of house paint. They look great to me

Fucking Machines
Jul 7, 2003

WOW, you are the gratest Seven !

Wired Pussy
Apr 22, 2003

FAT, have you been holding your glasses by the glass parts again. Get some cleaner and wipe those lens