Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 15, 2003

Do I really need to read this anti US tripe everywhere in this post. One time should be enough, after all everyone has the right to thier opinion, but enough all ready. The modle has some interesting aspects,and as my father said if you can not say something nice shut up

Jan 29, 2003

She should make him blow job when she tied!!

Wired Pussy
Jan 12, 2003

I am sure all of the 2 Raters have ladies like this one over every night

Nov 12, 2002

can someone help me,what is RM format,do i need a special software to play the movies?

Wired Pussy
Nov 10, 2002

A word of advice. You can kill someone running juice across someones chest, as shown in thumb#9. You have the electrodes right over her heart. NOT a good idea. It's the first rule of electro sex. No juice across the chest area. You can stop someones heart that way. You use bipolar clamps,etc. there, and away from the heart. Just a word of advice.

Wired Pussy