Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 19, 2011

I have been in love with Amabella for about a year since seeing her on other sites, so thank you for this. The scene in the late afternoon sun was fantastic. Great lighting and skin detail. She is awesome.

Public Disgrace
Jul 23, 2010

The best bit was in S04 where there was an amateur couple doing doggie and she opens up her asshole (how, I don't know!) and fingers it before he cums. That was incredible. I popped right then. Please do more shoots with that couple. Like, please, please, please.

Kink Features
Jul 16, 2010

Iona, you are amazing. You deserve to be loved and worshipped all of your life.

Jul 15, 2010

Just seen the trailer and photos so far, but this looks wonderful. I adore Lorelei.

Kink Features
Sep 5, 2009

Raina is completely loveable and adorable. The close ups of her face when she was coming were wonderful. Thank you so much.

Aug 18, 2009

I look forward to the wedding photos. Video picture quality is fantastic and I thought it was going to be great but you had a lot of weird editing going on. Maggie has perfect 1950s tits with amazing nipples - some close ups would have been good. I really wanted to have an orgasm with this luscious woman but you didn't give me quite enough information - no pussy closeups, couldn't see the fingering going on, no cum shot. A strange shoot.

Everything Butt
Jun 23, 2009

Claire and Lorelei, thank you so much for this and letting me enjoy time delayed orgasmic union with you. You are both godesses. Thanks to Lochai and the crew for such good lighting and a real "being there" feel to this.

Everything Butt
Jan 16, 2009

Well, that's it. I guess I'm outta here when the subscription runs out. Didn't even get a twitch out of this. Not your fault guys and gals, but I just don't get it. I have great respect for Peter and I've tried to understand BDSM for the last six months or more on this site, but I still really don't see what it's about, although I've enjoyed some of the shoots with Mark Davis. I've been hanging in there waiting for the Riley Shy shoot, cos what gets me off is beautiful women's faces - goes back to jerking off over pictures of models in mail order catalogues when I was a kid. But hat's of to you all at Kink for what you do - BDSM is now demystified for me, but not understood. Maybe I'll switch to pissing.com.

Sex And Submission
Nov 28, 2008

Bella is awesome. Such incredible intimacy in the first few scenes but I'm afraid you lost the connection and the intensity in the last scene and the camera angle for the cum shot was totally wrong. Upside down faces just don't work. A shame as Bella has such a beautiful face. And too quick an ending. It would have been nice to enjoy and adore her cum covered face for longer. Don't forget, some of us are trying to jerk off to this stuff and can't always keep in time with Mark. Great lighting and colour balance.

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Nov 22, 2008

Thank you so much, Krissy. You are absolutely gorgeous. The fisting was fantastic. The last two shoots did nothing for me, but this was great.

Sex And Submission
Oct 11, 2008

It's all so subjective, isn't. I think Berlin is fantastic, and I love her tattoos. I liked the last scene the best, then the suspension with the high high heels. keep up the good work. How about getting Riley Shy back, now you are truly in High Definition. The old Riley Shy shoot did not have very good picture quality. She looks awesome in her recent shoots on other Kink sites. Please bring her back here.

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