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Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Forced Orgasms

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Aug 8, 2009

What a beautiful girl. Can't wait to see her again.

Device Bondage
Jul 23, 2009

This girl is stunning in her beauty and her guilelessness. Matt, you're a diabolical genius. Keep up the incredible work. With Matt at the helm, DB is in my view the premier Kink site. More, more, more Mason and Matt.

Device Bondage
Jul 4, 2009

Lets55's manners leave much to be desired. This lady is perfectly fine just the way she is and a pleasure to behold.

Device Bondage
Jun 23, 2009

Ummmm....yeah. This is an unbelievable device...the best I have seen on this site so far. Felony is an awesome babe and I hope her husband realizes just how very fortunate he is.

Device Bondage
Jun 7, 2009

Please...how about the "All Christina, All the Time" site? What a perfect woman...I'm in serious lust! It doesn't matter to me what you do to her, so long as Chrisina is the center of the camera's attention. Just doesn't get any better than Christina. Keep her coming...

Device Bondage
Apr 23, 2009

Any shoot featuring Ms. Carter is a great shoot, but let's be candid; she is loafing through this one. Christina is one tough lady and while there were some stressful moments for her, I never once noted a hint of fear from this amazing warrior goddess. She was more bemused than besot. Sadly I have never met the lady, but I suspect Ms. Carter has not yet met her match and, with all due respect, especially not in Lochai. I would pay double to see someone bring Christina to a state where she is genuinely just as terrified to stop as she is to continue. I believe no one has as yet even approached that point with her -- but that's an opinion that only Ms. Carter may confirm or dispel.

Jun 16, 2008

I would pay good money for the opportunity to make Ms. Dames mumble and drool! Sarge is a lucky guy to get paid to do it. I am a sucker for breast bondage and so I agree with Shivershot: I would have loved to have seen the stunning Ms. Dames hoisted by her magnificent pair. She seems like a tough gal and were it done properly I think she could manage it. It would also have been amazing to see some weights suspended from her labia, but maybe that's asking too much. Didn't like the set too much; although it is something different, I much prefer your dungeon. As far as the role playing aspect, I don't get a whole lot from that and it seems that such attempts always come off a bit cheesy. Sorry to admit this but great acting is not what I am looking for in this type of material. Great and honest reactions are so much more satisfying. A word to Claire: my dear, you are a goddess of sex and a visual feast for the eyes. But for me personally I sure wish you hadn't messed with perfection by getting those tattoos. Nobody paints like God and for me those tats are just a distraction from the real masterpiece underneath them. I am only expressing my preference about this and I realize that for some people tattoos are a real turn on, so I hope you won't take offense because of my comments. In any event, your ink won't diminish my genuine eagerness to see you again and you have my profound thanks for this remarkable performance.