Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 3, 2011

I would think The Upper Floor and the 2 Swingers' features done with Private would give you enough data to decide the level of member interest. There is not as much going on with the whole group as in the Kink/Private films. On the other hand, Lexi Belle has never looked better Finally someone presents her as beautiful woman instead of a teeny-bopper!

Kink.com Test Shoots
May 27, 2011

One of my favorites, but I'm annoyed I had to buy it a second time since you deleted it from my personal library list in its previous life as an early Public Disgrace. One purchase should be enough.

Bound Gang Bangs
Apr 17, 2011

Personally, I find Bobbi's natural hair style beautiful. Next you'll be complaining she doesn't have fake boobs!

Whipped Ass
Oct 2, 2010

It is odd that the money shot is a hand job in a vid on blow jobs, but hey, $5 for 37 minutes of Bobbi Starr playing with a guy seems a good deal. As always, Bobbi is open and funny and obviously has thought a lot about her career, the thinking man's porn star.

Kink University
Jul 14, 2010

Excellent! Sexy and very well photographed; India Summer, who's as hot as they come, can actually act! A bargain at the price.

Kink Features
May 29, 2010

About a year ago, I remarked on a shoot that I didn't think Bobbi was a great dom. She has obviously worked on her skills!!

Divine Bitches
Aug 15, 2009

The comment about the "fake" whipping is off base. If anything, lots of models overreact in truly exaggerated ways to light caning and whipping. True pain freaks do not hype or exaggerate their responses. Look at Sarah Jane Ceylon shoots or those when Claire Adams was a sub--two tough girls who take a lot with little reaction. Quivering and moaning is more realistic than all the screaming.

The Training Of O
Mar 26, 2009

One might think with his long list of film and TV credits, Mr Smithee would have noticed the need for more direction. Or have the courage to put his own name on the project.

Device Bondage
Mar 26, 2009

I think a lot of these comments are a bit harsh. I have no theological position on the mission of DB and have no objections to the man/woman thing. and I'd buy a shoot of Bobbi watching grass grow. But the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Iff this was actually an experiment, experimental shoots need a lot more direction. Bobbi is gorgeous but is not a natural domme;her two-person soots require a stronger personality to work really well. And Romario seems, well, clueless. Clueless about what the site is about or what bandage is or what to do with beautiful woman at his mercy except to fuck her senseless. And while it is always nice to see Bobbi fucked hard, this is disappointing because of the wrak/lax direction.

Device Bondage