Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 13, 2010

but am i seeing double, parts 4 and 5 look similar if not identical. when does she lie on her back? could this be another error in posting. Holly is great. Holly is great. More of Holly, please. and thank you.

The Training Of O
Apr 4, 2009

did not see much inspiration here. she is definitely hot, bring her back.

Sex And Submission
Jan 31, 2009

too much writing...........not enough action

The Training Of O
Jul 25, 2007

Great new and fresh model, very appealing, please ask her back again and again. Great video and still photography and great lighting. Only problem is that electrical tape and clothes pins are not devices. This being a premium priced site featuring devices and this update could have been on any number of Kink sites since it lacked any novel chaining or devices.

Device Bondage
May 8, 2007

Great posting. Had Insex overtones (compliment intended) Sara is wonderful and Cyd constantly strives to make improvements in all aspects of a posting as well as maintaining communcation with the members. Your efforts are most appreciate.

Device Bondage
Apr 21, 2007

if this was toned down because of Bobbi's pain tolerance, then all the whipping that she takes on the other sites must be from very soft whips that seldom leave any marks. in this shoot, the sound of the whip on the flesh did not exactly correspond to the time of the impact show on the download. however, anytime Bobbi and/or Cyd are involved i am always more than satified by their efforts, which are both enjoyed and appreciated. thanks, guys.

Device Bondage