Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 18, 2014

love the role play - just great - missed some obvious scenarios - mother/daughter cunt licking etc - but great concept - make this a series please!!

Whipped Ass
Jun 26, 2013

Gorgeous woman - thanks for bringing back some bondage - miss the more elaborate boundgangbang scenes

Hardcore Gangbang
Jun 15, 2013

Amazing!!! Penny is incredible. Thank you so much for including some great bondage - been missing the bondage - very good that you can still include periodically.

Hardcore Gangbang
Jun 1, 2013

Love the roleplay with humiliation - more like this please.

Whipped Ass
Feb 2, 2013

Really liked this! Thanks for a letting me know that we'll still have some shoots with significant bondage. Doesn't work for me without some serious bondage. Great roleplay, bondage with DP with BJ does it for me. Riley looked great. Significant verbal and physical resistance lasting for a good part of the shoot (prefer entire shoot) also greatly appreciated.

Hardcore Gangbang
Jan 12, 2013

seriously good humiliation roleplay - bought it - first whipped ass video that's caught my attention in a very long time

Whipped Ass
Oct 24, 2012

Really good. Love the fade in scene with bound tits. Solid use of hands behind back bondage for most of the film makes it for me. Do not stop with the random Russian chicks although English speaking ones would help. She did a great job. Excellent work by all.

Bound Gang Bangs
May 11, 2012

Love good role play - love this. AMAZING. Matt - please fill up the "can" again. Been waiting forever for this type of role play. Kudos to everyone involved and - great acting/great role play.

Feb 10, 2012

Great roleplay!

Sex And Submission
Dec 2, 2011

Ridiculously good role-play. I really appreciate a role-play where the actress isn't coming and begging for cock two minutes into the scene. Really well-done. Alysa - fantastic role-playing - "I'm just toureest" with that wonderful accent and then cock in mouth - good grief. Thanks and great job to all and please more role-play with more resistance throughout.

Sex And Submission
Oct 25, 2011

Incredible!!!! The willingness of Rain, Iona, and Cherry to withstand obviously tough conditions is simply amazing. Absolutely fantastic.

Aug 23, 2011

Damn - that was ridiculously good - been waiting for this type of scene for a very very long time - loved the whipping while face fucking while bound - this is in a league of its own - to each of you - thank you - absolutely brilliant work including the setup