Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 3, 2004

Oh wow, how hot was the mummification scene!! As mummification is one of my favourite activities, I was just drooling over this bit of the movie. What was the tape you used please? It looked like it was a form of cloth tape? It was also great to see a girl with some fighting spirit that has to be tamed. There's nothing quite like a 'battle' to get each other hot ;) Thanks for this movie guys, it was a beauty!

May 26, 2004

*shudder* OMG! From one who has a fire phobia, that scene with the cage and the fire made me shiver and shake. Nightmares for me tonight I think!

Apr 10, 2004

Great work guys, loved it! You have some wicked, deviant minds, which is just perfect for what we do in BDSM, and what we love to see in BDSM :) Loved the breast bondage scenes too and to tatsucat, trust me, there ARE some women out there, myself included, who *really* get off on having our 'breasts tied and beat on'. As for being 'forced into hard bondage', YES PLEASE and the tighter and more restrictive, the better!! *drool* Keep up the good work everyone :)

Feb 21, 2004

Fantastic work guys! What a great idea, a tutorial to show all those out there watching these movies of yours, just HOW to do the ties you do. And the fact that it is a FREE bonus update is even better! I know *we* appreciate the fact you have gone to this trouble of creating a turorial and we hope you plan to do a LOT more of them as it would be very beneficial to a lot of people I am sure. Keep up the good work guys, there are those of us out there who DO appreciate it and are not just looking for fucking/cumming movies like some people obviously are :)

Jun 5, 2003

OMG! The scenes with the split chair, breast pumps, electric shock and that *awesome* gag made me squirm so much I nearly slid off my chair! I think I'd give anything to be put in such a 'position' as that, every time I think of it I go all goooey and with the yummy yummy cane to add to it all, *swoon* wow, I'm lost for words. Think it's time to have words with my Master about THIS one ;)

Oct 29, 2002

I must say that I was going to leave a note (similar to the one directly above) but it seems that my katie has already expressed what we think of this. Lets just say that we believe that these are the clips that were paid for, and everything else is a bonus. Now to find an electric motor suitable *scratches head* Please keep the Bondage/Machine/Pumps formular in mind (gags don't hurt either)

Oct 26, 2002

This is the hottest movie I think I've ever seen in my life and just thinking about it makes me wet! It gave my Master and myself some wicekd ideas! Keep up the great work guys and give us heaps more like this movie, especially with those fantastic breast pumps *drooooool*