Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 10, 2007

I like her, very energetic. She deals with pain by giggling, it's funny. The training is going in the right direction. I like the hotel scenes, they provide a "homey" contrast to the dungeon.

The Training Of O
Jul 9, 2007

Surely the best peice of pornography you've ever seen is worth more than a 3.

The Training Of O
Nov 25, 2007

Hey Lew do you read John Norman s works or is it a coincidence and I m just seeing things that aren t there? :P

Water Bondage
Sep 16, 2006

"the requisite nipple clamps go on and later when he releases them she yells...she uttered nothing when they went on so I think she mis-read the script." The thing about nipple clamps is, they don't hurt so much when they go on. They hurt when they come off because the blood rushes back in and you regain feeling.

Sex And Submission
Sep 14, 2006

I love Claire. She's great.

Wired Pussy
Dec 3, 2003

Well this is something else. I like it! Can't wait for the sequels.And i mean that literally, cuz my membership will have run out by then 8-).Oh well, good job!