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Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by Donnerbush

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Apr 19, 2002

Have to agree, this crap is lame!

Sep 29, 2001

Peter, thank you! While this isn't your best work, it is infinitely better that what it replaces. On behalf of your subscribers, I'd like to thank you for listening.

May 17, 2001

This is it? You waste last weeks update on the misbegotten crap you did, and then piss away this week on this? At least get two women who can look as though they aren't about to fall asleep!

Sep 28, 2001

This is two weeks wasted now, get back to business! Maybe this guy could ask one of his straight friends for some pointers about what can be done with a woman once she is naked and tied.

Aug 26, 2001

This is not a complaint! (Jeez, who could complain about this set?) Peter, for one of the future sets, cater to us real perverts, please! Buy Cowgirl a simple cheap outfit (lingerie, blouse, skirt)then immobilize and gag her then rip, snip and clip till she's completely nekkid before shooting the rest of the set. She seems a good enough sport to go along with it, and it would add a hell of a lot of spice to an already torrid scenario. Cowgirl looks so good out of clothes we'd love to see her in some as well. Please? Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

Sep 23, 2001

ZZZZZZZZZZZ! Huh? Oh Yeah,hmmmmm... Oh Well, maybe next week. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Jul 22, 2001

YEEEEHHHAAA! Finally!!! Congratulations Peter, this is like a summer rain in August after the last three updates! Gorgeous, simply georgeous! One favor Peter, teach Marty how to do something with a woman after he has her tied up, okay? YEEEEHHAAA!

Jun 1, 2001

BRAVO!! Now, let me add my vote to the many already in on other shoots. Get one of the girls (Sadie, Nikki or Cowgirl come to mind) and strip her from street clothes (not her own, lots of ripping and cutting), then do one of your "incredibonds" on her nekkid bod. As a reward, I promise I'll SHUT UP ABOUT THIS!! Hmmmmmm?

Jun 17, 2001

Sadly, a fourth vote for the same! This doesn't even come up to the level of "Sucks Bigtime", it elevates some of the bad work! What a waste of Cowgirl.

Jun 30, 2001

I have to agree with Porter. Better, but... Look Marty, Molly is a gorgeous woman, and you put her in interesting positions, and... nothing happens! The same shots over and over. Study some of this site's earlier work and try to get some idea of what to do with a woman! Don't waste Molly!