Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 31, 2005

What a way to end the new year...start by watching this w/ her. Amazing girl, smart, intense, sexual...wow. Sure facials defenitely need to be added. But this scene is sooo awesome. Also agree on more roleplaying. Master/slave was nail on this one. Do u ever use the chi-stead tease here??

Sex And Submission
Dec 20, 2005

This is such a classic. Many comments i agree with, but for ur other scenes...this one sooo perfect. Kat is truly amazing. Any chance of more of her, been awhile. More recent scenes of yours has lost the energy of this one. But its a tough one to match. Keep trying, this site is going to be great!!!

Sex And Submission
Aug 3, 2004

hey great scene, especially like this model because she was so vocal throughout the scene. sometimes u guys over use the mouth gags, and hearing the screaming or begging is just as intense as the visual. great model!!!

Jul 20, 2004

Hey, great shot, great model...luv the socks, lol. Some creative bondage shots, indeed. In future, can there be more dialogue between slave and master...ie pleading, begging, etc. Gags are good, but dialogue would really make the scene. Also the final scene we got alittle of the pleading. Another idea, do a scene where slave is brought to the edge, and begging to cum...but not given that until final scene....just some ideas

Jul 8, 2004

outstanding scene...especially luv the vocals from model....could you encourage models to be more vocal in future shots like this scene was.....CLASSIC