Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 17, 2012

I don't like this update.What is to like about a model that has small tits and lots of tattoos.The only good thing about this shoot is that it looks like it's not a role playing title.I think the role playing updates are the best titles and this one would have been wasted if it had been.Where is the models with the perfect bodies like Charley Chase etc.

Sex And Submission
Jul 27, 2012

Lovely looking model and great bondage, it's a shame that it wasn't a role playing title. The rough sex was great which she enjoyed. I would have loved it if the story was that she had been kidnapped off the street and taken there for rough sex and to be sold as a slave.

Sex And Submission
Jul 5, 2012

This is a waste of time.What makes the Kink sites better than other bondage sites is the way they can make REALISTIC role playing videos but this is just a load of shit.If Princess Donna can't see that this update is very UNREALISTIC and not what people want, she should NOT be running the site.I am moving to the Sex & Submission site where they still make great realistic looking role playing updates.

Bound Gang Bangs
Jun 23, 2012

WOW this is one of the best updates so far! Two gorgeous girls with great bondage action and great role playing, also James Deen is really good again as the pervert. I like a outdoor shoot if it's done right and this one is excellant, also I like the two girl shoots it always looks so sexy when one is tied up and forced to watch her friend being fucked. I agree with lonewolf Penny Pax is a great find, she is new to Kink but I hope you will use her again in the future. All the updates I have seen her in she has been really good especially in this shoot and American Girl on the Bound Gang B site. Both the S&S and Gang Bangs sites are now the best Kink sites with lots of great role playing updates and I hope you keep it that way!!.

Sex And Submission
Sep 27, 2011

Yes I liked it too!. Lots of models and Rylie Richman is lovely as the student. It's a good story line and some nice breast bondage which is always great to see. I liked all of the abduction movies so far but what as happened to PART 2 of OPERATION AMERICANA??. Part 1 was posted months ago.

Aug 21, 2010

Just another average shoot. I would like to see more role playing titles. Aiden Starr and Isis Love are better Doms.

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