Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by Nord46

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Apr 7, 2011

PLEASE put lovely Bobbi through her paces which she wears a pair of her moccasins. She is one verty pretty model.

Sex And Submission
Mar 20, 2011

Doyou think aiden is up to the more vigorous....and more difficult.....challenges of a Public Disgrace shoot?

Sex And Submission
Mar 19, 2011

She did NOT seem to be in much discomfort or pain. Maybe she is just that tough?!?!?

Sex And Submission
Nov 13, 2008

When will Bopbbi be doing another shoot?

Public Disgrace
Oct 23, 2002

Why do you, so often, cover the model's face with hideous looking masks and gags?

Aug 19, 2002

Lovely Cowgirl is working so hard.....what a site. Dress her in her mocs (like the shoots at Primal Urge) so she is able to "carry her load" another day.

Jun 24, 2002

Nice work - next time dress up thoe "sexy ditry" feet in a pair of Cowgirl's moccasins.

Jul 1, 2002

Suggestions: Take the gags off...so we can see Cowgirl's lovely face. Have Cowgirl wear her moccasins....so she looks softer and more vulnerable.

Jun 4, 2002

Please don't cover up Liz' pretty face. Don't whip her cunt.....unless she asks you to.

Jun 3, 2002

Such a pretty woman.....with her face hidden. So lovely in her mocs...but those are missing. Can the masks/gags...use the moccasins.

Feb 17, 2002

She would look sexier if: (1) she were'nt on a piece of plywood; (2) dou didn't gag her; and (3) she wore some soft-soled moccasins. She is obviously very pretty

Nov 12, 2001

Hogite lovely Cowgirl in a pair of her sexy mocs. Then it will be a 4...or maybe a "5"

Nov 17, 2001

Cute...but she'd be cuter.....and sexier...... wearing soft-soled moccasins, like Cowgirl does in some of her sets at Primalurge.net

Mar 9, 2002

This woudl be even nicer if Cowgirl had brought a pair of the mocs she sometimes models at Primalurge.net

Feb 14, 2002

Wil we EVERsee Cowgirl performing in her moccasins at Hogtied. I hope so.