Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 8, 2007

Madison. First, thanks for taking time to read and respond to comments. Regarding heels -- I love them and I love you in them!!! You're every inch the lady whether wearing them or not. My comment about heels related to the damage they could do to the roof. On the other hand, a leaky roof could provide some interesting water torture oportunities. Thank you again for taking the time to read and respond to comments.

The Training Of O
Nov 6, 2007

Day late and dollar short, but I'll weigh in anyway. Madison's tears were as affecting as anything I've ever seen on film. This site is taking porn somewhere I've never seen it even try to go. Wow!! Two other quick and unrelated thoughts -- First, ban high heels from the roof (unless Kink is already making plans to have the roof replaced). Second, James has been reminding me of someone, but I couldn't figure out who. It finally hit me. He's the evil reincarnation of Jimmy Stewart! Great work all.

The Training Of O
Sep 17, 2007

I have to respectfully disagree with those who say Julie doesn't do it for them. Julie is not pretty in the conventional porn star way. She's something special. Her eyes are magic. Her face is expressive to a degree that can't really be described. Her smile would light up a pitch dark room. She is an exotic creature who radiates a truly spellbinding beauty.

The Training Of O
Sep 4, 2007

??? Can't play this update. Can't access Sex & Submission at all. There appears to be a ghost in the machine. My end or yours?

The Training Of O
Aug 23, 2007

Devi's pretty, but somewhat stiff and uncomfortable in all of her movements. I love rope bondage, but think that James was wise not to tie her up yet. James, you seem to do a great job of judging each lady's starting point and limits and proceeding accordingly. Devi looks like she's going to be a real challenge. My take is that she doesn't understand submission at all. I think that she pushed to provoke reaction and then in her mind, becomes the victim. As the victim she's not responsible for anything that happens or anything she does. A challenge.

The Training Of O
Aug 22, 2007

James, as a post script note. I really like the way you refer to Julie as "Miss Night." A good dom respects his sub and respects her gift of submission. You do a good job of showing that respect. That's the reason Julie smiles so beautifully. Great site. Great execution of concept.

The Training Of O
Aug 21, 2007

Seems strange, but the hottest thing about both day 1 & day 2 has been Julie's smile. Julie is incredibly expressive in her suffering and in her determination and then she smiles and lights the entire room. Julie, you're wonderful, not just because you're sexy (which you are), not just because you're an incredible sub (which you also are), but because of the beauty that radiates through your every expression. I predict that you'll be as beautful at 80 as you are today. Bravo!

The Training Of O
Sep 29, 2004

this shoot has been better than most - sick of seeing the hard leather girls. first time responder ----keep up the good work --sweet heart you are hot.