Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by harlan

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Dec 17, 2002

the streaming is not working at all!

Nov 21, 2002

The shorts were there, bosch_aust, because she has a big scar above her pussy.

Oct 9, 2002

Sorry, but this girl makes me sick. That scars are simply ridiculous.

Sep 16, 2002

I think this kinda stuff is good. A little more fetish closhing on your models please. Occasionally. Not too often or folks will get bored of it. Some like it, some dont. Nice to see you catering for that!!!

Jul 9, 2002

I agree with lietzke: we pay for the quality of this site, but it could be really more fun with more attractive women FAINTING to be abducted sometimes, with penetration, in a more wild way. And for those who ask lietzke to leave, or will ask the same to me, just remember the forum is made to let us explain our claims, not only our satisfaction. Anyway, this site is excellent, but it could be even greater with more diversity.

Jun 23, 2002

veri,veri good