Sadistic Rope - Fisting #7
Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Forced Orgasms

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Jan 4, 2010

This was great. I love those shakey leg orgasms! Keep them cummin!

Device Bondage
Oct 26, 2009

What a stunning girl. Clean cut, no ink and no piercings OMG! The scene with the ass hook was great, just the right mix of pleasure and pain and the view of her beautiful ass from below was just stunning. I enjoyed her whining and the intensity of her orgasms. Hope to see her again soon!!!

Jul 17, 2009

I enjoyed the shoot until Dana morphed into Michael Jackson with the nose and mouth clamps! That was creepy. It's a shame to contort such a beautiful face. I also thought claire should have paid more atention to Dana's beautiful pink pearl of a clit in that last scene, pulling the hood back and using a smaller vibrator right on it. Otherwise, it was great!

Wired Pussy
Dec 24, 2008

Outstanding shoot! I love the "Carrie-d Away" look in her eyes after a couple orgasms. That line in the interview about the rope marks "I wish they would last longer ..." was epic! What a funster you are, Carrie. Come back for more please. Your "I'm completely f'd out" look in the exit interview says it all!

Sep 16, 2008

Stunning girl but ... those daisy duke panties and the "prison ink" on her side??? A black lace thong would have gone a long way along with shooting her left side only. It's the little things ... plus ya went easy on her. This one had a lot of promise so get her back again amd buzz her good next time. God she was great to look at!

Jan 1, 2008

Fantastic. Sarah was just awesome as the captive cheerleader and isis deserves an award as her sympathetic tormentor. That third scene where Isis gives her head and and just scoops her to her face was soooo sexy. Also, Isis being led away by Matt after banging Sarah like a rag doll was just genius. Hats off to you Matt, Sarah and Isis for a fabulous episode!!!!