Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 28, 2008

Charley is gorgeous and I love the noisy orgasms, but i have to say that the actors in the scene took the gloss off it and surely the idea is that it is public is the difference from all the other stuff on the web. Unless it gets as wild as the Bobbi Starr shoot in terms of the model getting really into it you should stick to what you say on the tin for my money. i.e. public fucking and public bondage and public orgasms.

Public Disgrace
Sep 4, 2008

Absolutely awesome! Great girl great shoot> If I could make one very personal request, can you get the girl to say what you want them to say when they're coming- I'm a slut/ my cunt's on fire type of thing ? That would have been the icing with this really hot girl. But I'm happy x

Jan 27, 2007

The scene that left amber trembling from the intensity of her orgasms while being DP'd is the best scene I have watched in any porn film - ever! Amber is beautiful, very sexy etc etc etc. Matt, I'd love your job - any chance of an early retirement?