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Feb 19, 2008

AWESOME!! MORE Medical equipment, KEEP the gyno exam table!!! Use it EVERY week! Charlie must come back, she is the best squirter ever. The only thing that could possibly have made the last sequence (exam table) any better would have been more people working on her. You need that table every week!

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Jan 11, 2008

Great Model! Good shoot.

Sex And Submission
Jan 9, 2008

Matt, I see you took my post off concluding that my comments were insulting to "every other model". I know you do not like me and you have had very over the top responses to several of my posts that you ultimately conceded were unwarranted. Perhaps you will in this one too, but I doubt it. I cannot see what was insulting to "every other model", but then I have had personality conflicts with people before, and you of course have all the power here. Is it okay to say that when the model is so much larger than the Domme, that it takes away a little bit from my enjoyment as it greatly reduces the vulnerability? Is that insulting to every other model? Or the model? Or the Domme? It is all right for me to say that I am not a big fan of a Domme working on a Sub by herself? Oh, heck, why am I trying to please you, anyway? It will never happen. It was not my favorite shoot, but I like the model very much.

Dec 29, 2007

All right, thats what I am talking about. Finally a real woman, not some anorexic, tattooed, pierced streetwalker who looks like she cannot wait to get back to her pimp. This is a woman that looks like the women we work around and see every day! GREAT! AND she squirts like a dream! Please have her back again and again. And get her sister and her girlfriend. These pros are getting way too old -- well, not old in the age sense -- Which brings to mind, how about her mother?

Sex And Submission
Dec 12, 2007

Just Extraordinary. There cannot be enough good said about this shoot. It was much anticipated and worth the wait.