Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 17, 2002

Peter, Did you get a close up of Mika drooling that was in focus? Pic 326806 is a great shot, but blurry. Too bad too :-(

Mar 31, 2002

Marty, Congratulations! This is EASILY your best work to date on the site. A DEFINITE improvement over your earlier stuff! It's still doesn't quite have Peter's ingenuity when it comes to different positions, but this time you have used your beautiful model more adequately. I hope you keep getting better!

Mar 10, 2002

I have to agree with Pirate on this one. The positions were pretty basic and the photos were below average. But hats off to Kaylee..here's hoping we see much more of her!

Feb 5, 2002

Just a couple of general comments (suggestions) about the photo shoots. Could you get a couple of shots (close-ups) of the models looking scared. Too many times they look too happy, too sleepy, or downright too bored! Also, I like seeing the abductor in the shots provided he doesn't overly block the model. I know it's hard to please everyone on this topic, but maybe you could do some shots with the abductor in the photo and then do identical ones without him in the shot. Anyway, that's my two cents worth! Black Adder

Mar 7, 2002

Peter,in my humble opinion, definitely not one of your better efforts. None of the positions are very inventive or unusual and, therefore, there are too many similar pics. One favor to ask, when you hogtie a model, could you get at least one pic of her looking into the camera?

Mar 8, 2002

Cowgirl is simply AMAZING! She is easily in the top two or three models on the site. I'm convinced that there maybe nothing sexier than her drooling all over a ballgag and herself. More Cowgirl -PLEASE- Peter! I'm going to have jpg #31504 made into a poster and hang it on my wall!! ;-)