Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 13, 2011

Pretty girls is the best I can say for the site lately , asking them to remember capitals is not what I want or need. Too many positions for me with not enough orgasms in general. But perhaps someone is listening, since there was a BJ going on. But really what is next geography lessons and spelling bee's so he can punish them? It never was a problem in any site to find reasons to punish or control the model (slave) Peter and Pope is this your best? And many customers are not happy

The Training Of O
Jan 1, 2011

The girl is beautiful but the style of shoot and "pope" is disappointing. Is this what this site is going to? No getting into her head just mindless robot of positions and just time and time trying to catch her in mistakes so that she can be beaten. No blow-jobs or orgasms? We should wait to day 3 or 4 for her to have one? Watching her come is one of the good things along with the many types of submission - not just robot. The girls are better than what was being supplied to James, that is a plus but the rest--- is that what this site is going to be Peter? No connection between Pope and the woman, no sexual interaction from him and just time after time of mindless positions? Peter is that what is happening on the upper floor? I have sex and submission and training but it appears not for long. What am I missing?

The Training Of O
Dec 28, 2010

I am concerned and confused. the live shows have been much better than the controlled shoots. Hotter, more erotic, more showing of Pope and the girls sexuality. Why, when will we see this on the posted updates?

The Training Of O
Dec 27, 2010

No blow job - let this not be a trend when will the live shows be edited and listed as bonus shows

The Training Of O
Dec 17, 2010

no mind connection at all - very poor communication or connection except for Sage model was very good - perhaps too many in the shoot for Pope to show what he can do Is he like James not going to preform?

The Training Of O
Oct 29, 2010

not good- too much makeup and too over the top

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