Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 25, 2008

"Static Bondage" is great. I've often heard the riggers of Hogtied ask the modles "Do you know what would happen if I turned this on and left?" I what to know! Pushing the Modle to her limits in orgasm is my favorit part of bondage. Not a lot of need for the tickling, talking and stuff. A sufering beauty is a sight to see all by itself. BTW, all of the kink sites are great, thanks to all and Bobbie is the best.

Device Bondage
Nov 25, 2007

BTW, The eyes say it all. Pictures 77 ,78 and 83 are the best of the whole shoot. Humilliation, Uncertainty and a hint of Defiance all in one package. "GREAT".

Sex And Submission
Nov 25, 2007

Caged senes are the best though not many modles can pull off the look of uncertainty and humiliation as well as Savannah does. Very nice work Ms. Stern.

Sex And Submission
Apr 18, 2007

I'ne been a Mindy Main fan from the moment I saw her, she's beautiful. While this shoot was a bit of a disappointment I believe any women who is willing to attempt this type of play should be praised. Mindy good job and look forward to seeing more of you in other types of shoots.

Sex And Submission
Apr 23, 2005

Simply GREAT. Stardust is one of the cutist and sexiest girls I've seen