Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 10, 2009

berlin you are looking hotter then ever.. at some point you need to get over your tickling fear, and have those beautiful feet tied and tickled. Just get it over with!

Jan 3, 2009

wow I loved the foot tickling at the beginning.. please MORE MORE MORE OF THIS!! More Madeline!!

Whipped Ass
Sep 30, 2008

Tickling or Caning scene was greeeeeeeat!! All Hail the mighty Matt!! You will be missed, please show your protege this great torture! If I could give this a SUPER GREAT I would...

Sep 29, 2008

i've never given a "fair" vote anytime else other then this update because 99.% of the time this site ROCKS. But it hurts to see those perfect feet not get the torturous attention they deserverd.. caning, tickling, you name it... really fun to watch.. more in the future please.

Sep 23, 2008

Sarge you used to always love tickling... not anymore? This model had great feet, would have loved to have seen them tortured and caned and especially tickled

Aug 27, 2008

loved everything about this. I agree with a previous post about some good forced tickling... best reactions from a sub ever!

Aug 1, 2008

loved it. there was about three seconds of foot tickling in the foot torture part of video 2, which I would have liked to see develop more.

Device Bondage
Jul 25, 2008

LOVED the tickling... albeit brief.. NICE!!

Jul 16, 2008

loved it... but would have liked to have seen at least one little bout of foot torture and even some tickling on those nice feet... I'm just sayin..

Jun 17, 2008

I love love love berlin. I even like the town in Germany. Matt great job as always, great bondage. But man... its so hard to see those beautiful feet tied up so nicely... with a strict NO NO on tickling... cmon Berlin, just once.. whats the worst that can happen? You need to CONQUER your fears! It'll enlighten your soul!

Jun 3, 2008

can't wait cyd!!

Device Bondage
May 30, 2008

cyd don't worry about the other members. just cater towards my needs which is more foot torture, always include some tickling to break their character, and end with some foot caning..

Device Bondage
May 27, 2008

loved it.... but I gotta say I would like to see some foot torture and foot whipping and foot tickling even if its a ticklish model... love that stuff!

May 13, 2008

wow wow wow loved it.... the vibrator on her foot was probably the best reaction I've seen in a while.. creative stuff! was there any other foot torture/caning/tickling in any other of the videos that I might have missed?

Apr 29, 2008

i wish there was an option better then great. Matt watching her scream PLEASE HIT ME as you tickled her feet was music to my ears. Well done sir. Well done.