Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 3, 2002

I'm sorry this is quiet funny... i can't belive someone even wasted the time to rant on a porno site... i mean please... i don't care you you hacked on or what... the day you get your kicks bugging people on a site like this you truely have hit rock bottom... or well... maybe you just have no real life... not tryying to be an asshole... but what the hell was the point of that Brian? please tell me!

Mar 24, 2002

ohh my god... this is pretty sad... i mean come on! what is the big deal with "fake breasts","wigs","fake nails"... Last time i checked this was fantasy entertainment... you watch it to live a fantasy you have in your mind or just becouse you like to watch it... the moment you get so bent up just becouse your not seeing the perfect woman... or she's not "up to code" you've really hit rock bottom... personally nikkis damn hot with or without that shit... why in the fuck should it matter?!?! it's not like it's gonna kill your thrill! anyways i'm just getting really feed up with all this bitching and moaning... it's just pathedic... i mean damn don't you have something better to do? well i feel better now :)

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