Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 17, 2013

Thanks for so much great work over the years Claire!

Sep 13, 2012

First Ariel and now Gia messing with perfection? Support their right to choose what they do with their bods, but gotta wonder what kind of influences are around them to make them feel they gotta go with such disportionate boob jobs?

Everything Butt
Oct 25, 2011

awesome to see you guys working with intersec. can't wait to see the rest

Mar 17, 2010

this rating cuz i've only watched the trailer. but nice to see Sarge back. Very much like Maggie apparently coming to the gig with marks.... would like to see more of that...

Device Bondage
Dec 31, 2009

this is what all the slaves should look like at the end of 4 days. well marked!

The Training Of O
Dec 8, 2009

Damn that girl is hot!!!

Device Bondage
Dec 4, 2009

What a bod!

Device Bondage
Nov 7, 2009

I totally echo Tmcgee's comments, but I gotta say the set keeps me from scoring this shoot as great, especially given the opening of actually cutting meat. This is simply too close to imitating some infamous mass-murder crimes against women - especially the murders in Vancouver, BC of just a couple of years ago on a hog farm.

Sex And Submission
Oct 14, 2009

just watched the trailer. nice to see some good turn em purple breast bondage. been missing for months now...

Device Bondage
Oct 11, 2009

I've only watched the trailer so far, but what were you waiting for? Jessica Simpson herself? this girl is smokin'!

Jul 22, 2009

Only giving "good" cuz i've only watched the trailer so far. I'll regrade later. but i did want to join the early chorus on the use of the pussy rings. I've often wondered why we generally never see that. cudos!

Jun 24, 2009

Has Wenona aged a day since her first appearence? Outstanding!

Device Bondage
Jan 17, 2009

what have you guys done to the downloading process? this is messed up...

The Training Of O
Nov 1, 2008

I've been a big fan of AVT's since she started at kink, but I must admit initially, far more so cuz of her looks than for her grade as a pain slut. it's been fun to see her progess in the latter regard. total cudo's here for her clear willingness to take a giant leap forward. I certainly don't recall her ever being marked like that. i'll look forward to the marks accumulating. That said, and at the risk of: (1) being a complete hypocrite cuz i'm an obese dude: and (2) getting my comments edited out or flamed on as it appears happened to dakota, I gotta say this. I have been disappointed that AVT has put on a lot of weight, particularly in her bottom and thighs over the past year. She started as such a super-tight little package! Now, I know what a struggle it can be, and all of our metabolisms are different, but even with all those qualifiers, one hopes for more from a professional model. that said, in the specific context of the shoot, it seems to me that the conversation about humiliation may have been an opportunity to address body image issues with AVT, and that some kind of exercise/diet regime as part of her training might have been quite fun for all and good for AVT! She's still verrry cute, but she's not maximizing her potential....

The Training Of O
Jun 15, 2008

This caps off the absolute best training week you've had yet. The standard by which all other sessions will be judged. Just when you thought Amber couldn't give any more she did! Amazing! I'd love to see some follow up pics of her marks in the days and weeks after you were done. Could this be something for a "Behind Kink" segment for future shoots?

The Training Of O