Device Bondage Presents Summer Brielle is Bound and Tormented
Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 15, 2006

I like most of your work, but as I stated about two years ago. I and others would like to see more women of color. They are out there. There's a whole world full of them. I humbley suggest utilizing the gifts that either evolved or were placed apon this earth.

May 14, 2005

Once again I say excellent "Jenni Lee". Something I'm curious about is why you all haven't combined all of your sites into one. Yes, you'll lose some money in the begining but you'll make more in the end. I've seen other sites not too dissimilar from your own that provide access to their other sites from their main site for a somewhat higher fee but not so much that consumers think that it is a rip-off or not worth it. You have alot of quality material but I think it would have more of an appeal if consumers had a wider range of material. Just a thought! Keep up the good work! Test Shoots
May 14, 2005

Excellent! Jenni, keep looking as fine as you do! Test Shoots
Mar 3, 2005

The Cabo series is Excellent! Can't wait for what you pull out of your rabbit's hat next. But, just a suggestion. It would be cool to add a few more women of color. By that I mean any creed! One more thing,(Matt you are the man) you too Sgt. Major. Only thing is, is that everything got intense once Matt came onto the scene. Looking forward to more. Later!