Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 21, 2008

Really good interactions, great, challenging positions, beautiful sub. So therefore a great shoot. Unlike miznabie, I am not tired of seeing Sara Jane, or any of the other fine models & performers here at Kink. Go Sara! Go Claire!

Jul 31, 2007

Outstanding update. Madison - you are super-tough. Matt - you are a true evil genius. This is a good example of what this site is all about.

Aug 9, 2007

I can't agree - I think Annie has a lovely bush, and I hope she keeps it. I think the shaved fad may be passing away, and not a moment too soon! Very nice shoot all around. Princess Donna is her usual hard-edged self, and Annie - well, poor Annie, what can I say...? Delicious!

Wired Pussy
Sep 6, 2007

I like the new download interface - unique file names, download links at the top as well as the bottom, better popups - but the wmvs don't download as a single zip. The download starts, but then it stalls out and has to be cancelled. So I wind up downloading each file. Otherwise, great work!

Water Bondage
Mar 22, 2007

Lew - nice work with the fishing line. You continue to amaze with your creativity. Tawni - good work tolerating the fishing line. You are really sexy with your ass up. I like the way you come so hard!

Water Bondage
Mar 1, 2007

Lew, you are fantastic. I really like the thin white rope in this scene and last week's "water torture". Gongrats on trying the "new position" - it looked great. Keep it up! Leilani, you are not only sexy but charming. Your face is amazingly expressive as Lew pushes and dominates you. Thanks so much!

Water Bondage
Dec 14, 2006

I really liked the predicament bondage against the post with the vibrator. It could have been improved by letting the camera spend part of its time on her cheeks, clenching and thrusting. Similar "self-humping" bondages could be done with the young lady straddling a plank w/ a variety of mounted devices... for what it's worth. Anyhow, nice work, Lew & Jade!

Water Bondage
Oct 26, 2006

Great work Isis! You were brave in the tank, and tough in the predicaments. This was an awesome mix of physical and psychological play. One of the best ever.

Water Bondage
Sep 14, 2006

Well Duh - read the summary of the shoot! The poor girl did what she could. This is a site that respects people's limits, after all...

Water Bondage
Apr 3, 2007

Welcome Sara! Very good work! Matt, thanks for leaving the breasts unbound in the final scene (I would have loved to see them free during the whole shoot - breasts needn't be big, and they needn't be natural, but when they are both, they should spend most of their time free - that's Rompr's Rule #2). Great face, figure and emotion, Sara. We all look forward to seeing you again!

Oct 25, 2006

Hey Darling - great BUSH! It's a pleasure to see some of God's own natural decoration of the female. Toss the razor and don't worry what Matt says - we pay to see you and your sisters, not him! And the pretzel/suspension - CLASSIC & AWESOME!

Feb 21, 2006

Great, outstanding position! Must see more like this, for those highly flexible models who are able to do it. I saw this in an old John Willie photo once, and I haven't seen it nearly enough since. For added stress, lift her off the floor (if possible - it's pretty tough even without that). Kudos all around!

Nov 11, 2005

This is a great shoot! Seven is one of the sexiest, most emotional women ever, besides her lovely face and figure. ALSO - major props to the webmaster for putting all pix on one page! It has been a major hassle to struggle through dozens of image downloads - this is much easier, and in line with your simplified, longer media download system. S&S rocks!

Sex And Submission
Nov 8, 2005

This model is great, and I love the large media files, but PLEASE PLEASE could we have a way to get all the images at once? It takes 27(!) download actions to get all the images for this shoot. That's just dumb. In my opinion. But Veronica, you were splendid!

Sep 20, 2005

I would like to see a way to load more than 12 pictures at a time. It seems kind of anachronistic to have 30-40MB clips but still force us to click through 25 different photo pages. How about an option (for those who want it) to download ALL photos at once?