Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 11, 2015

where are the sample videos? why doesn't "search" work?

Sadistic Rope
Apr 5, 2013

Outstanding video! Welcome Back, Ms. Star! You look amazing! And the pictures you made today were pure art. Great job of Domming Ms. Claire! This is a really good Idea to invite models back. I realize its your personal preferance, but have you considered inviting others back? I would love to see you do a tease and deny on Ms. Kendra James--especially with those little black clips spreading Kendra's labia wide. Also Nina! Nina gets lost in her orgasms it would be fun to do a long tease and deny on her followed by an orgasm orverload. And then the two Lee ladies who orgasm so sweetly when tied--Pinky Lee and Annabelle Lee--I'll never forget the way you brought Annabelle to orgasm by hurting her clit. Jade Marxx is also one who gets lost in her orgasms and if you shoot her on a day when she's in a hurting mood, there's no one more genuine. There are a few other special models that I'd like to see invited back, and I'm sure there are others that you would like to work with again, like Chanta Rose or Cowgirl

Device Bondage
Aug 24, 2009

Yowee! I'd like to see her back again with elbows and hands tied behind her and arms over a that old wooden Hotied crucifix like Jasmine in October of 2002. Same scene, actually, with intense nipple torture, whipping those hemostats off her wonderfully perfect nipples and suspended from armpits and knees intermixed with some erocillator clit stimulation to keep her in that erotically painful sub space. Go for it and ask her back soon