Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 24, 2013

Really great to find you hard at work over here, JP, and doing such a marvelous job on lovely Ms. Fires. As you may well imagine, it was particularly exciting to discover that this fine domme has soft, sensitive soles, which make her exquisitely vulnerable to well directed treatments. I also appreciate your willingness to devote some attention to the soles of every woman who visits the site, and I hope that practice will continue. Not sure what the parameters are for your site, but perhaps you could work in the rack or horse on occasion...roping the woman in place, of course. One more thing--the lengthy interviews are great, giving us a chance to meet your guests before things begin. I hope this continue and perhaps explore treatments the women particularly enjoy or dread, areas of their bodies that are particularly sensitive...something to personalize the interaction. And please do invite more dommes to visit on occasion. Cheers!

Sadistic Rope
Jul 13, 2013

Wow! The aesthetic quality of this shoot--the visual impact of the positions, sets, lighting, photography--is just superb. Sarah is lovely and her body is so beautifully proportioned, with skin tones enhanced by the strains and stimulation. The vibrant colors and contrasts of scene 1 are striking. Perhaps we should start a discussion thread on the aesthetics of BDSM.... Compliments to Claire, Sarah, and crew!

Device Bondage
Jun 27, 2013

So much of this session is so wonderful, yet her elegant feet were neglected.....Claire, it is truly unkind to torment your viewers in that way. Perhaps a return engagement to catch up with what's missing?

Device Bondage
Jun 15, 2013

Cute woman and the nipple stretcher is a neat piece of kit that deserves more use. Are there other small but diabolical devices where that came from? A precision- and purpose-built instrument adds flair on occasion. Not sure why her soles were spared. For variety would like to see Ms. Berlin arrive on set in domme gear only to learn that she is on the menu, in the hands of Claire and Orlando. Donna did it on occasion, to extraordinary effect.

Device Bondage
May 18, 2013

None better! Beautiful, strong and game young woman with incredibly expressive eyes (and Claire gives her much reason to emote). SQ's focus on Claire is priceless, as is the dramatic shift from sweet and lovely in a pretty dress to head-harnessed in latex. And the treatments are convincing and authentic. Superb!

Device Bondage
Oct 8, 2012

Well, I share the preferences of many of the critics of this shoot (and would toss in another preference--dump the stupid stockings) but I also note that Bianca is a beautiful, incredibly fit young woman who put her sensitive body at our mercy for our entertainment. There's also much to be said for variety and for satisfying other members' tastes (whoever, whatever). So thank you very much, Bianca, for visiting and for undergoing this odd exercise on our behalf, and I hope you'll return someday soon.

Device Bondage
Oct 2, 2012

As fine an administration of the bastinado as I have ever seen! Vulnerable, sensitive soles tested most rigorously. Katie is lovely and Claire takes on a diabolical air when the scene starts: the parameters are set, the action begins, and Claire shows little mercy. A couple of tricks for the next "victim": explore the sensitivity of her soles with touch, tickling, and a pointy object (tooth pick, knitting needle, awl, nut pick)--as you know, the point draws strong responses. Also try a short strap--leather or rubber, 2 inches across, perhaps 1/8th inch thick, for a slappy sensation. Something thin and whippy, a leather boot lace or narrow plastic or rubber tube about 2 feet long, handled like a single tail, offers another sensation. And then there is ice.... Cheers to all for a great shoot!

Device Bondage
Sep 8, 2012

I must say, Claire, that this "tough girl test" motif you've introduced works really well, at least for me, as it moves the scene from appearing to be victimizing someone to a voluntary test of will and strength...almost an athletic contest. The athletes/dancers you're worked with recently sense that dimension and respond to it. I think it makes for a great shoot, especially coupled with your imagination and artistic sensibility--you've created some really striking circumstances and poses (tableaux). That said, how did you allow Annika to escape without having her soft, smooth, sensitive soles tested? How about a return engagement to remedy the oversight? Cheers to all for a great site!

Device Bondage
Aug 24, 2012

Absolutely love the way you work her soles: it is the epitome of helplessness to be exposed and explored in this manner. It would be fun to see Ms Berlin take a few strokes, for old time's sake, perhaps in a game of break her or take her place?

Device Bondage
Aug 21, 2012

Phenomenal Penny! Superb work on sensitive soles, and the inverted ladder (could it become a rack for a stretch?) is a visual delight! And Penny is so sweetly sexy---Doris Day indeed, Freeborn2!

Device Bondage
Aug 18, 2012

Absolutely superb! Penny is lovely and brave, and Claire's program for her is imaginative, dramatic, and challenging. Unparalleled!

Device Bondage
Jul 21, 2012

From boots to bare soles is a sexy dynamic: from symbol of power and control to the submission of having her most sensitive parts exposed. You know how to push the buttons, Claire! And Amber is so lovely, brave, and strong....

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Jul 18, 2012

Some might call it a slow start, but anticipation is part of the thrill. And knowing Claire what follows is well worth the wait. Chastity is lovely, and it surely cost her something to offer her fine soles. Audrey has a certain something about her...a warmth, a knowingness...I very much hope she'll take her turn live on DB (and I'm about to look up her other shoots). Standing naked before us veritably shouted "bring it on!". Let's do, please, beginning with rack and bastinado, and then.....????

Device Bondage
Jul 4, 2012

Claire, this is very much like the position I described in my "what I like about DB post," except that I did not suggest reversing the arms. In this position, with arms spread and drawn taut overhead, everything is exposed but the shins, so there's plenty to play with. Would love to see it used in some scenes, especially with the aim of working several diverse areas of the body at once. No comment on Alani's hairstyle...done that....

Device Bondage
Jun 24, 2012

Far be it from me to rate a foot-torture session any less than superb, but why protect the most sensitive region of her sole with leather straps? Scene 3 is indeed dramatic--excellent design and execution! Perhaps try it with more minimal bondage: wrists, ankles, and head=harness...almost scultural.

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