Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 17, 2013

Dear Sirs and Madams, since I'm a great fan of blindfold I'm pleased to see that on this website this kind of equipment is used more often than before. I woul have preferred velcro strap all around Casey's beatiful face till the upper lip but perhaps I'm asking too much. What is really missing and IMHO is a big flaw is the preparartion or at least a part of it: ok the interview, but when You see the model already in predicament without having seen her tension arises and her nervousness it's like seeing a cake without topping on it. Furthermore to heighten her senses, and it is the way I treat my slaves, the "preparation" is almost always done with a blindfolded slave. So she is helpless and can only guess what comes next. Regards Mistress Anita

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Sep 28, 2013

I don't want to be overly critic, but in the description Lyla is called a "Whore. In my humble opinion this term is offensive and insulting for her. She is a woman or a model or not a whore (at least for me). Apart from that "terminological" problem the show is outstanding. Mistress Anita

Device Bondage
Sep 7, 2013

I definitely agree with ingmec69. And, for me blindfold lover, another blindfolded model, even If I would have preferred a larger one to cover Alani's face completely till the upper lip. This is the treatment my slaves deserves. Anyway I'm always please when I see a blindfolded woman. Thanks for the outstanding work, Princess Donna. Mistress Anita

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Aug 27, 2013

What to say? Princess Donna is marvellous and Adriana is a great performer. I'm a Domme and I appreciate very much blindfolded women. I also appreciate very muchDonna's touch when she adjusted the blindfold on Adrianna's eyes when she was already lying in the box. I hope to see more blindfolded women on this site. Donna, please keep up this outstanding work. Regards Mistress Anita

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Sep 9, 2012

Since I'm a great fan of hoods and blindfolds, this is one of my preferred shoot. The chemistry between the two ladies is awesome. Regards Mistress Anita

Electro Sluts
Aug 25, 2012

What to say? Outstanding! Skin is<simply awesome but... I miss a sens dep scene. I hope to see in the future a LS with Skin with headphones on an a mummification vwìet wrap all around her beatiful eyes at least for a quarter of an hour. Regards Mistress Anita

Device Bondage
Jun 5, 2010

Not bad at all but I'm waiting for the next live show Regards anita74229

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Sep 27, 2009

I have another slight adjustment to make: since I am agreat fan of blindfolds I think that perhatps you can give the possibility to see the sandglass only to a girls and not to both. In this manner ony one can foresee the predicament and if you don't want this girl to "advise" the other you can gagher or alternatively you can put a greta pair of headphones on the other. Acoustic deprivation would be a nice thing to see....

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Jul 10, 2009

The show is splendidas the other ones in the series but I have a question I've been wondering for some time ( I know it's a silly one). When you tear off bras and other underwear garments is it for real? I mean the models has to bring with them another bras to wear after the session is closed?

Jun 3, 2009

Dear Sir, I'm off topic and I must apologise for this but where is the second installment of Madison's live feed?I'm eagerly waiting for it. And incidentally the new format is awesome . Keep up the good work. regards anita74229

Device Bondage
Jan 6, 2009

Dear Sir, if you have to blindfold a woman please use a real blind fold or better a hood and in my humble opinion a litlle more of pain ( ( I mean nipples torture and squashing them ) would be very welcomed. Regards anita74229

Wired Pussy
Sep 12, 2008

Yes the shoot is fantastic, but since I'm a regular subscriber of many of Your outstanding websites I have a little complain to make: Since I'm a great lover of blindfolds(not hoods) and scarves, I 'd like to view on your web site more blindfolded models. It would be terrific to view a non stop live bondage shoot with blindfolded models and also I'd would like to view the "preparation" so to say start with a non blindfolded model and then blindfolds her. I hope You can satisfy in a near future my bondage fantasies!! Regards Anita 74229

Whipped Ass
Jun 19, 2008

Ok All good but why not to use a more traditional hood or scarf? I'd like to see another bondage girl plays and suffer the same way but with a "real " blindfold onn her eyes ( may I suggest Annette Schwarz?) Regards Andrea

Wired Pussy