Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 6, 2014

Dodge Dart -- love it.

Jan 25, 2014

Great scene, great chemistry. Marcus's beard works really well for him -- very sexy. Christian's....not so much. Maybe if it was neatly trimmed, but it just looked sloppy and sparse (sorry!). I vote Christian stays clean-shaven.

Bound Gods
Jan 21, 2014

Great job, Mr. Mogul! This shoot is what convinced me to join Hogtied, so I hope it's not a one off. Owen did a fabulous job -- he's clearly learned a lot from you but also puts his own spin on things. I love watching him use his hands. The whole scene with the panties was very hot, though overall (here and other sites) I could do with a lot less spit and drool. I think you got the tone and feel of this update just right -- please keep up the good work!

Oct 26, 2013

Andrew is one of the hottest guys on this site in a long time, from his lovely body to the twinkle in his eye, and Dirk was so distracting I couldn't enjoy it. Truly, I don't think Dirk took a single, solitary breath without making a noise. Even with a hand over his mouth the grunting, groaning and general over-acting continued unabated. Please, bring Andrew back with another partner so we can enjoy his ovbious enjoyment without the constant irritation of Dirk's verbal excess.

Bound Gods
Apr 27, 2013

Oh my goodness does this girl never shut up????? She's lovely to look at, and Xander is fun and sexy as always, but the constant groaning at the same volume and same note regardless of what was happening was annoying in the extreme. My favorite part of the video was when he choked her, because she was QUIET!

Sex And Submission
Jan 27, 2013

This is, quite possibly, the hottest thing I've ever seen. Madeline, you are superb as always -- sensual with both your body and your words. Lance is a dream -- responsive, passionate, sensual, beautiful. Simply gorgeous, in every way. Madeline, please keep pursuing your vision and sharing it with us.

Divine Bitches
Aug 11, 2012

Jeremy is lovely to look at and clearly a powerful man. Despite his inexperience, his ability to connect with Sebastian and to recognize the "spiritual" elements of the power exchange show great promise in his development as a dom. I'd like to see him paired with a sub who can help bring out his sensual side -- Cole Brooks? Trent Diesel? Noah Brooks? Van -- you will of course know best. And Sebastian -- great job.

Bound Gods
Jul 23, 2012

yes yes yes -- please bring christian to men on edge -- lack of anal will not detract in any way from the beauty of his body or the enjoyment of watching him submit to some sensuous torture

Bound Gods
May 11, 2012

Sebastian, please don't feel the need to apologize. You look great, and brought the same palpable level of enthusiasm and sensuality to this shoot as you do to most others. I think your ability to connect with your dom and show us that connection is what makes you such a fantastic sub on this site. I think Adam, while he clearly loved actually getting to hit and flog and fuck hard, was too caught up in his own (admittedly new) sensations and experiences to be able to focus on his sub. I hope as Adam continues to explore he can learn more about and appreciate the subtlties involved. For me, while it may be hot to watch the power exchange involved in a flogging, it's hotter still to watch a strong dom assess the care and support a sub needs and then provide it. I wonder how the shoot might have changed if Van had applied a little corporal to Adam first, before Adam wielded the crop himself.

Bound Gods
Apr 27, 2012

SO erotic. I loved the first scene particularly. Watching Christian use his mouth and hands as he guaged Travis' reaction -- watching Christian stroke himself while he stroked Travis -- THAT is going to get replayed over and over....

Bound Gods
Apr 24, 2012

I had hoped the fact they are a real life couple would bring more authenticity to the shoot, but this felt like straight porn acting to the max. Mark seemed more real -- Francesca seemed totally fake. Best parts of the scene: when Mark put his hand over her mouth so she SHUT UP!!! Glad to see others liked this -- I know it's a wide audience and we each have our own kinks. For me, though, the constant moaning/screaming/eye-rolling made it pretty unwatchable.

Sex And Submission
Jan 21, 2012

One of the best shoots ever in my opinion. Cassandra seemed genuine in her desire to experience, her willingness to submit, and her responses. I am SO happy we were not subjected to hystrionic/fake/porno screaming and moaning. Cassandra let us watch as she tried to process the pain and experience -- she's wonderful. James went far beyond his usual great performance. I echo switchbitch's comments -- it was a joy to see him be so genuine and take such pleasure in pushing and playing with Cassandra. Why not continue the roleplay into their next shoot? This was their first encounter -- the next could include the fisting and anal we didn't get to see here.

Sex And Submission
Nov 17, 2011

Scott most definitely deserves a second chance with the Divine Bitches. Yes, he's cute, but it's his sincerity and candor that make him so appealing. Would love to see the ladies explore his willingness to please while being denied pleasure -- would also love to see him receive some pleasure. Bobbi was wonderful as always, and did a great job getting into this boy's head.

Divine Bitches
Oct 3, 2011

Yasmin is absolutely fabulous, but Dietrich made this shoot for me. Watching him take instruction and submit fully with out ropes or straps or punishment was a complete turn on. His facial expressions, responsiveness, and desire to please are hot as hell. This may be my favorite TS shoot ever -- thanks, Tomcat, for giving us such a sensual seduction.

TS Seduction
Sep 4, 2011

Derrick is great, as always, but Marie's constant whining made this almost unwatchable.

Sex And Submission